We’ve Got Bling, Yes We Do, We’ve Got Bling- How ‘Bout You?

image of tuck jump cheerleader belly ringSchool may be out for the summer, but that means the season of cheer camps is just beginning. Whether this is your first year of cheerleading or you’ve been ruling the sidelines for a few years now, the coolest way to show off your cheer spirit after the game is with bling, of course- a cheerleader belly ring.

We’ve just added a bunch of new cheer belly button rings sporting classic cheer style: tuck jump, high kicktoe touch, spread eagle, C jump, poms, even a state champ belly ring if you’ve got an awesome achievement like that to shout about.image of high kick cheerleader belly ring

If there’s a strict rule about hiding your piercing during the games, check out our new invisible belly ring that’s flesh toned so you can easily take the spotlight off your belly piercing, without have to go without a ring.

Another great option is our clear belly button ring retainer. image of clear belly button ring It not only hides your piercing, but its lightweight flexibility makes it a great choice for an active game of jumps and stunts.  In fact, we’ve got a whole category of invisible piercing retainers and clear body jewelry- check them out if you’re thinking about a nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, or maybe a labret, but are concerned about having to hide it for cheer, school, or work.

If you’re a cheerleader, let us know if there are rules your squad has about wearing belly button rings during a game or practices. Give us a shout- we want to hear from you!

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