Unique Belly Button Rings

Unique Belly Button Rings are Funny Belly Button Rings

Unique belly button rings are an expression of who you are. Humor is a big part of who you are which is why funny belly button rings that range in subtlety from mild to outrageous can be be a great way to tell the world a little bit about yourself in a very unique way – by wearing unique belly rings. Some women when they become pregnant want to hide their growing bellies and therefore, their belly rings. We think the pregnant belly is a beautiful part of a woman’s body and why not show off your playful side with a Momma-to-Be pregnancy belly ring that announces to the world that you have a Baby-on-Board?

Baby On Board Unique Belly Button Rings

Baby On Board Unique Belly Button Rings

Unique? Yes, this pregnancy belly button ring is most certainly considered one of the funny belly button rings that you could wear while pregnant, making it also a unique belly button ring.

Unique Belly Button Rings are Crazy Belly Button Rings

Unique belly button rings are some crazy belly button rings, because let’s face it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some like it hot. Some like it crazy. Crazy belly button rings don’t mean that you are crazy (although you might be) and that is what makes them so much fun to wear, because they keep people guessing. Be your unique self with a unique belly button ring like one of what I like to call the Atta’ Girl Tude class of belly button rings. WARNING: ADULTS ONLY beyond this point. That is how crazy these unique navel rings are. Check out these crazy belly rings.

Atta' Girl Tude Unique Belly Button Rings

Atta’ Girl Tude Unique Belly Button Rings

Nobody is gonna mess with you. You know it. They know it. Bitches rule the world. Bad asses come a close second, but let’s face it. Bitches can one up bad asses any day of the week. These unique belly button rings are funny and crazy unique. Not to mention full of Atta’ Girl Tude.

Unique Belly Button Rings are Weird Belly Button Rings

Unique belly button rings are weird belly button rings to some people, but outrageously funny to others. BellyBling.net has many unique belly button rings that might be weird to some but are funny belly button rings to you. Unusual belly button rings like these slightly scary scorpion navel rings can show off your quirky sense of humor and be outrageously eye catching at the same time.

Scorpion's Unique Belly Button Rings

Scorpion’s Unique Belly Button Rings

Don’t get stung. You get to be the one with the stinger. Ouch! Weird? Yes. Unusual? Yes. Crazy? Maybe. Unique? Most definitely. When it comes to unique belly button rings, you can’t get more unique than wearing a scorpion on your navel.

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