Twice as Nice: Double Belly Button Piercing

girl in bikini with double belly button piercingSo, you’ve had your belly ring piercing for a while now and you’re ready to add some more bling. Or maybe you haven’t had your belly piercing done yet and want to go for maximum impact. Either way, you might want to consider doubling up- two piercings!

The most common double belly button piercing is to have one on the top and one on the bottom. Another option is to get a piercing on each side. Both are great ways to wear two belly rings at the same time, so you can flaunt coordinating colors or themes. Wear a non-dangling starfish belly ring on top and dangling anchor belly ring on the bottom for a cute summer look. Are you a cowgirl at heart? Pair a cowboy boot belly ring with horse belly ring and you’re set.

country girl with double belly piercing

Or if you’re wild about feather belly rings, you can wear one on each side with a side-by-side double belly button piercing.

Having a piercing on top and on bottom is also a great way to add visual impact without having to always wear dangling belly rings because two piercings will visually add length.

And if two piercings are still not enough, multiples are also possible: three piercings across the top and one on the bottom creates a super cool look, or one on each side and on the top and bottom to create a cross pattern which is sometimes called a cage… the options are endless.

If you have a double piercing or multiples- send us your photos! We’d love to see just how you wear your belly bling.

One comment

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Double belly button piercings have always been a lot more cuter then the single ones. It looks very charming on ladies with fairer skin tone. It even looks amazing if they are done with tattoo on the belly area.