Trending: Black Belly Rings

Why do we love the color black?

Emotionally, black signifies power and control. It says we are careful to give up important information or too much of one’s self. In that same sense it also signifies protection, creating a sort of barrier between us and others.

Fashionably, the color black goes with just about any other color and helps us hind any extra holiday weight we may be carrying. Slimming and stylish, what more could you want?

However, while the color black has always been embraced in the world of fashion, lately our love for it has expanded from sweaters and shoes to eye-catching accessories. To celebrate this new trend, here are some highlights from our black bling collection:

image of elegant black belly ringElegant Gemmed Black Belly Ring

We love clear gems. They go with everything, and they can draw your attention to any type of jewelry. This piece is great because black steel really makes clear gems pop. But not only do you get some gem on black action with this belly bling, but you get it times 11! 11 gems, black bling, and ornate details make this piece of jewelry is simply stunning.


image of vintage black belly ringVintage Gem Black Belly Button Ring

It’s all in the name, “vintage.” This naval ring is a modern twist on a classic. Surrounded by 26 clear stones and iridescent crystals, the vintage cut black teardrop gem sparkles with the attention this beauty deserves. Not only that, but there are two large gems to add a little extra flare. This bling is truly for the classic, classy a heart!


image of black dreamcatcher belly ringBlack Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

Dream catchers are thought to get rid of dark, evil spirits, which is why it’s kind of cool that this dream catcher is black. Never fear though, there are no “evil spirits” involved here. While it does look nice and dark this belly bling is lightened up by two clear gleaming gems. Think of it as a cross between your sweet side and the girl who will do what it takes to get what she wants.


image of faux black pearl belly ringElegant Black Faux Pearl Dangling Belly Ring

Women love two things in their jewelry: diamonds and pearls. Like gems, pearls have a sheer shine to them; however, a pearl’s shine is more subtle. It’s sweet rather than flashy, and there is definitely a time, place, and outfit that fits perfectly with that.



image of black flower belly ringTriple Flower Swirl Belly Ring

This belly ring is the exact opposite of the Elegant gemmed piece. While the former relies on black to provide a solid base for the clear gems, this piece focuses on clear gems and uses black ones as an accent. Sometimes, with some outfits, less is more. The Triple Flower Swirl Belly Bling is great for when you just want a little something to go with an already pretty dark ensemble.



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