Trend Alert: Hunting Belly Button Rings

Deer season may be coming to a close in many areas, but unlike your trophy shots, the spirit is still alive and well! We get it. So while you wait for next fall to roll around, why not show your love for the game with some hunting belly button rings?

Whether you’re a camo queen or simply the best shot in town, we’ve got the perfect piece.

Camo Belly Button Rings

Hunting belly button rings: Pink Camo Belly Button Ring from BellyBling.netFor the girly hunter, we’ve got a Pink Camo Belly Button Ring. You obviously won’t be baring your belly (or your belly bling) while you’re out in the field, so it doesn’t matter if the camo coloring blends into the great outdoors. That said, why not mix it up and throw your feminine personality in there?


Camo Belly Ring from bellybling.netSometimes you just can’t beat classic camouflage for camo rings, and for those times we have the plain-Jane Camo Belly Button Ring. What’s doubly nice about this bling is its classic camo mixed with the classic barbell style. There is a reason that the camo pattern and barbell bling have withstood the test of time, and you can’t lose when you combine the two.


image of fancy camo belly button ring from bellybling.netThe Fancy Camo Belly Ring is the best of both worlds; it’s ladylike and true to tradition. This camo ring is still various shades of browns and greens, but it’s outlined in pretty, sparkly clear gems. This navel ring is the perfect accent to transform your hunting trip into a date night.


Gun Belly Rings

gun belly ring from

While this probably isn’t the type of gun you take hunting, if you were asked to literally symbolize a “shooting” star the Gun Belly Button Ring with Dangling Bullet and Black Star would be it. In hunting there’s no points for almost, and there’s no second place. It’s all about hitting your mark and that couldn’t be done without the bullet (a detail you don’t see in a lot of bling).


image of machine gun belly ring from bellybling.netHere’s another one for the girly girl. If you loved the pink camo, you’re going to love the matching pink Machine Gun Belly Button Ring. Again, we realize you aren’t going to take a machine gun hunting (that would be a pretty unfair advantage, not to mention illegal). However, with all those pretty pink gems we’re willing to let that detail slide!


Deer Hunting Belly Button Rings

image of deer hunting belly button ring from bellybling.netAt long last we’ve come to the reason for the season, deer. This Deer Belly Button Ring really captures the whole point of hunting – that trophy shot, the ultimate souvenir, the antlers. This belly bling is simple, and that’s what makes it so stunning. All of your attention is put on that charm, just like all of your attention is put on that deer in the woods.

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