Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium body jewelry is colorful and strong. From green to rainbow, at BellyBling you’ll find tons of titanium belly button rings in almost every color, including the ever popular black titanium, with or without gems. If you are sensitive to other metals, titanium piercing jewelry could be a great alternative for you as it is 100% hypoallergenic. Titanium navel rings are made by adding layers of coating to make the titanium stronger and less susceptible to corrosion. Three times stronger than steel, titanium is still 40% lighter.

Although tough, titanium jewelry comes in several elegant styles as seen in this video:

Since titanium is so lightweight, it is ideal for other body piercings. In addition to our extensive collection of titanium belly rings, we carry tons of other titanium body jewelry including titanium lip rings, titanium nose rings and titanium tongue rings. One of the most popular pieces of titanium body jewelry is the titanium curved barbell. No matter what your style, you’re sure to find a titanium belly ring that suits you.

What colors and styles of titanium belly button rings and titanium body jewelry is your favorite?


  1. bldtara says:

    I had my dermals done with titanium – it was a great choice!

  2. Jeffrey Horton says:

    Titanium is the best of metals used for body piercing jewelry.I really like titanium body jewelry.Well,the belly rings in the video above are so stylish and awesome.Liked the video!