Tie One On: Bow Belly Button Rings

We’re quick to jump on board with some fashion trends, and others, well… they just take a little getting used to. This is particularly true of trends that are newly surfacing (you know, the ones that aren’t looping back around for the tenth time).

lLike them or not, bows are big.

Like gold and the color purple, the value we have come to associate with bows is symbolic. Men wear them to weddings and work functions, and women find them the perfect accent to any outfit, but if you think about it, why are we so crazy about a  piece of fabric weaved and tied into a particular knot?

Bow ties first appeared during the Prussian wars when mercenaries wore a bow to tie the opening of their shirts together (for those of you who didn’t pay attention in history, that’s the 17th Century). After that, like all major fashion trends, the French adopted the style, and the rest is history.  However, women didn’t start wearing these status symbols until approximately 30 years ago. Not coincidentally, that’s right around the time many women began taking on jobs that were traditionally left to men.

Fast forward to today. It’s a trend that’s been slowly picking up steam for a while now, and with spring on the horizon, looks to be hotter than ever.

Don’t miss out. We’ve rounded up our favs here: Bow Belly Button Rings. Get ready to tie one on.



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