The Deal with Daith Piercings

glamorous lip ringPeople have been expressing themselves through piercings for centuries.  In fact the first known nose piercing took place around 4,000 years ago. Then to now, the piercing world has come a long way. For example, did you know the first model of a piercing gun was patented in 1880? Imagine getting your ears pierced before that time… Ouch!

While some practices have been around forever, others haven’t even been around since the 80’s (and let’s face it, that was forever ago).  Daith piercings first hit the scene in 1992, but while they’ve been around for a while most people still don’t know that much about them. Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions:

What is a daith piercing?ssssss

When you hear cartilage, what comes to mind? Odds are you think of the top outer rim of your ear. A daith piercing is also located on your ear cartilage; however, it’s specifically on the piece of ear cartilage located between your ear canal and tragus.

Why is it called a daith piercing?

If you think the word “daith” sounds like the word “death,” don’t fear. It’s probably just because you don’t know Hebrew. In Hebrew daith translates to the word daath, which means knowledge. What does this have to do with an ear piercing? Given the location, daith piercings were originally considered to be a lure of knowledge. Basically they let important information in while keeping nonsense out.

What type of jewelry can be worn in a daith piercing?

image of daith earring from bellybling.netYou can wear nearly any type of earring in a daith piercing, except for something thatclip on fake cartilage earrings from dangles (but that would look funny anyways). A hoop is the most common earring worn in a daith piercing. This may attributed to the fact that it gives off the effect of coming out of your ear. Other popular bling is a rounded heart, such as the one featured on the left. While a heart and hoop our simple, you can really wear anything you want. You can buy hearts covered in gems or even scorpion shaped daith jewelry. You can also fake a daith piercing with a clip-on cartilage earring too.

Does getting a daith piercing hurt?

ssLike any piercing, it’s going to sting at first, and piercings located in the cartilage naturally hurt more than those located in your ear lobe. However, it’s certainly no worse than an industrial, and fortunately the location makes it easy not to bump it. As you’re probably aware, the less you irritate any new piercing the better it feels, so this is a big bonus!

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