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We’ve Got You Covered: Valentine’s Day Jewlery

Like it or not Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while there some holidays when you can get away with not having any plans, V-Day isn’t one of them. This poses the sometimes painful question, “What are your plans on February 14?”

Do you and your sweetie have a list of romantic movies on standby? Maybe you don’t have a date, well, at least not a romantic date. Perhaps you and your closest girlfriends get together every year for a “boy bashing” party? Perhaps you’ve decided to ride solo and treat yourself to a night of pampering?

Whatever your plans may be, we’ve got the perfect bling to compliment your evening…

Date Night

image of heart tongue barbell from BellyBling.net

Paris is known for being the city of love, and why not with their contributions to the world? French toast, french fries, and the ever-popular french kiss! This year while you’re trying to tantalize your crush, consider the Pink CZ Heart Tongue Ring. It’s sweet, simple, and draws his attention right where you want it. If that’s not enough, it’s versatile. While the pink heart definitely blends in with all of those candy hearts, you can still where it on dates year-round and it won’t look out of place.


image of love belly button ring from BellyBling.net

The Love Belly Button Ring has a little bit of everything: Gems, calligraphy, and flowers. Not only that, but it’s just plain romantic. The curvy, loopy type is reminiscent of old love letters. Now whether that makes you flash back to your time spent in middle school passing notes to your crush or your grandparent’s correspondence during the war, that’s up to you.



Girls Night

image of heart nose ring from BellyBling.netWhen you don’t have a date, Valentine’s Day doesn’t always seem like a reason to celebrate. Fortunately, Heart Nose Hoop Rings are a nice, subtle accent for the evening. The heart design shows that while you appreciate the spirit of the day, it’s not what you’re all about.



image of outline heart belly ring from BellyBling.netThe Outline Heart Belly Ring, on the other hand, is flashy! For that reason, we recommend wearing it to one of those parties like Jessica Biel’s character throws in the movie Valentine’s Day. The Outline Heart Belly Ring is topped off with a large clear gem, and the heart charm is outlined in several shades of pretty pastel gems.  These pastels are also great because they look good with any of the four colors in the bling (pink, peridot, aqua, and hot pink) and still stand out when you’re wearing black.


Solo and Satisfied

image of heart arrow belly ring from BellyBling.netJust because Cupid missed his mark this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean your heart isn’t open to the possibility of a perfect match. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year? Why not show your optimism with the Heart Arrow Belly Button Ring. Not only do we love the design of this piece, but clear gems go with everything.

No matter what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day there is no reason you shouldn’t be in the holiday spirit.  So go ahead and show off for your date, impress the cutie at the coffee shop, or simply snap a blingin’ selfie for Instagram! And don’t forget the #bellybling