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Tragus Body Jewelry Gone Spiral

Tragus Body Jewelry Gone Spiral

Tragus body jewelry is the overlooked but probably the most worn piece of body jewelry among the young and the almost young in the body jewelry scene.

Tragus Body Jewely Gone Spiral

Tragus Body Jewelry Gone Spiral

Everywhere I turn I see someone wearing tragus body jewelry. Celebrities like Pink, Scarlett Johansson, and Rihanna all have tragus body jewelry whispering sweet nothings in their ears. Colleagues, friends, and even arch-nemeses I know wear tragus body jewelry. Of course, my fellow body piercing enthusiasts all wear tragus earrings, but I’m talking about acquaintances that would not necessarily wear a long dangling chandelier belly ring or wear an eyebrow piercing. Every day and everywhere, tragus body jewelry has gone viral. Are you wearing tragus body jewelry? If the answer is no, why not?

The Tragus Spot

The Tragus Spot

Maybe a few years ago, nobody outside of the body jewelry scene knew what or where a tragus was located on the ear. I’m sure my mother’s response would have been, “Tragus? What’s that? Another Vegas?” To which I would have rolled my eyes and sighed, shrugging my shoulders in resignation at the clueless knowledge of mothers. But in all fairness, she would not have been the only one who was unaware of where the tragus piercing was located on the ear, let alone what styles of tragus body jewelry was trending. Now, however, I bet even your mother wears a tragus earring. Which explains why there are so many different styles and designs in tragus body jewelry right now. I mean, let’s face it, I’m not going to wear my mother’s tragus earring and I bet you wouldn’t either. But you might be into some other cute tragus earrings or even the more edgier tragus jewelry styles.

Tragus Body Jewelry & the Cute Tragus Earrings

Cute tragus earrings range from budding gem flowers to adorable owls to small captive bead rings. My personal favorites range from the simple and yet classic captive bead ring, the single solitaire gem tragus studs, and the tragus cuff that looks like a ring band or a bracelet cuff for your ear. Cute tragus earrings are not in short supply. Imagine vine shaped tragus cuffs to inspire the fairy within you. Or Imagine a delightful hooting owl. Who, who, who loves cute tragus earrings? Imagine a star shaped gem perched in the center of your tragus earring. Imagine a lovely turquoise bead winking from the confines of your ear. So many cute tragus earrings out there. Do you know what this tragus body jewelry gone viral means? More options for those of us who love to wear cute tragus earrings, so, maybe the popularity of tragus body jewelry is a good thing.

Tragus Body Jewelry & the Edgy Tragus Jewelry Scene

Tragus jewelry is not just for the cute albeit hip Hello Kitty set. Edgier tragus jewelry is out there.

hot flame throwing tragus jewelry

Fan the flames for the heat seeking tragus jewelry wearer.

Fanning the flames for the edgier tragus jewelry set are pieces of body jewelry that may have been used elsewhere traditionally but are now being seen in the tragus of many a hard core body piercer. Flames licking up the edge of a labret? Yes, the small labrets are perfect for the tragus. You might even have the perfect tragus jewelry nestled among your nose rings, lip rings, or possibly even the smaller belly rings.

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