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Lighten Up! Try Titanium Body Jewelry

33259-titanium-owl-belly-button-ring_1_320What metal is used in aircrafts, hulls of ships, hip joints, engines? And…makes for great belly bling like this little owl beauty?

This summer give titanium body jewelry a try. Titanium weighs 40 percent less than steel (what most naval rings are made out of), which means titanium bling will tug less on your piercing. This is important because less pull means less stretching out your hole!

So where is the downside? You’d think what it lacks in weight it also lacks in strength. You’d be wrong! It’s the hardest metal on earth. This makes it harder to scratch than silver and gold jewelry. Better yet, titanium body jewelry won’t tarnish as easily as your silver and gold.33258-blue-chandelier-titanium-belly-ring_1_320

However, if you do have to clean your titanium jewelry all you need is warm water and mild dish soap. If you’re working with colored titanium it’s best to wash it by hand, otherwise submerge the jewelry in the soapy water and gently rub it. Wipe the titanium clean with a soft towel when you’re done.

Bonus: It’s completely hypoallergenic! Not only is it safe for people who are allergic to metal, but you can tan, swim in salt water, or work up a sweat without risk of irritating or discoloring your skin.

26673-0-gauge-star-tunnel-black-titanium-plated_1_320Titanium has been a quietly-growing category on BellyBling.net. What began as a few shiny-colored, non-dangling belly rings has grown into nearly 100 options, ranging from pretty gem-accented dangling belly button rings and colored gem dermals to ear gauges, ear tunnels- even fake tragus clip on rings!

What do you think? Now that you have the facts are you ready to lose some weight? Cut back on the stress and stretching of your piercing with titanium body jewelry.36725-fake-tragus-clip-on-ring-rainbow-heart_1_320


Tell us what your favorite titanium piece is!


Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium body jewelry is colorful and strong. From green to rainbow, at BellyBling you’ll find tons of titanium belly button rings in almost every color, including the ever popular black titanium, with or without gems. If you are sensitive to other metals, titanium piercing jewelry could be a great alternative for you as it is 100% hypoallergenic. Titanium navel rings are made by adding layers of coating to make the titanium stronger and less susceptible to corrosion. Three times stronger than steel, titanium is still 40% lighter.

Although tough, titanium jewelry comes in several elegant styles as seen in this video:

Since titanium is so lightweight, it is ideal for other body piercings. In addition to our extensive collection of titanium belly rings, we carry tons of other titanium body jewelry including titanium lip rings, titanium nose rings and titanium tongue rings. One of the most popular pieces of titanium body jewelry is the titanium curved barbell. No matter what your style, you’re sure to find a titanium belly ring that suits you.

What colors and styles of titanium belly button rings and titanium body jewelry is your favorite?