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Baby Friendly Belly Bling: Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then by now you should know that just because you’re a Mom-to-be doesn’t mean you have to give up your belly bling. Like maternity stores help to modify your wardrobe, there are special belly rings you can buy to maintain your pre-pregnancy piercing. We like to think our line of pregnancy belly button rings have three important qualities: comfort, fit, and most importantly: style!

Comfortable belly rings

image of flexible belly button ring from bellybling.netFor those first weeks into your pregnancy and the weeks after baby arrives, stock up on our flexible belly rings. We’ve got them in stripes, checks, and more, all in multi-packs so you can have a new one every day of the week. It’s the lightweight, Bioflex plastic design that makes them super comfortable, but it’s the bold colors that make them oh so fun.

Adjustable belly rings

image of pregnancy belly button ringNext up: fit. You need bling that can adjust and stick it out for those nine exciting months with you. Our current fav: the Adjustable Double Hearts belly ring. Not only is this belly bling pretty, but there is a sweet symbolism that comes with the double hearts design; one for you, and one for your soon-to-be bundle of joy. It’s a simple, romantic twist on the slightly overdone “Baby on board.” Plus, unlike that yellow sign, these pregnancy belly button rings go great with any outfit!

Stylish belly rings

You’re already (temporarily) giving up your beloved skinny jeans and favorite tee, so you deserve to rock out with bling.

adjustable pregnancy belly button rings from bellybling.netHow about choosing one that answers the question on everyone’s minds: “Is it a boy or a girl?” The Pink Heart Dangling Belly Ring is a sweet simple way of saying you can’t wait to welcome her into the world. Keeping the she/he secret to yourself? Go for the clear star belly ring and keep them guessing.


image of bellybling.net belly button ring / pregnancy belly ringReady to show off? We’ve got ‘em. A few or our top picks: the Hypoallergenic Belly Ring Channel Gems and the  Heart Hypoallergenic Belly Button Ring. Both are designed to stand out and grab attention! With dangling gems, these pregnancy belly button rings are not meant to be hidden.


The best part about all of these pregnancy belly button rings? Unlike maternity jeans, you’ll want to keep wearing these long after those nine months are over.

Pregnancy Belly Rings for the Trendy Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy Belly Rings for the Trendy Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy belly rings for the trendy mother-to-be might as well be part of your maternity shopping. With more and more future mothers accessorizing with body jewelry, pregnancy belly button rings have become an essential part of getting ready for nine months of waiting on the stork to show up with that swaddled bundle of joy. With more and more women wanting maternity belly button rings, plenty of custom belly button rings are being produced to meet the demand of women who are pregnant. Belly button rings that can be trimmed to just the right length as well as a focus on pregnancy belly rings made from materials least likely to cause allergic reactions are becoming more plentiful. Fashion and feeling beautiful does not stop when a woman becomes pregnant. Celebrate your pregnant body and have fun wearing the many different styles of pregnancy belly rings.

Pregnancy Belly Button Rings as Announcements?

Pregnancy belly button rings are a new and fun way to announce a pregnancy. Belly button rings for pregnant women now include dangling charms that announce you now have a baby on board, like this adorable blue surf board pregnancy belly button ring.

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

Alternatively, more subtle but equally as sweet pregnancy belly button rings are also available. When a mother-to-be is planning the nursery, she might love the idea of baby animals as a way to decorate everything from the crib’s sheets to the curtains to the wall decor. Now, moms-to-be can wear those cute baby animals as a pregnancy belly button ring. Isn’t this baby giraffe a sweet maternity belly ring?

Pregnancy Belly Button Ring

Baby Giraffe Pregnancy Belly Button Ring

If the baby giraffe doesn’t capture your heart, we are sure that the stork delivering your precious bundle wrapped in a blanket captures the essence of waiting for your baby’s arrival. With sparkling pink gems or baby blue gems, these stork pregnancy navel rings are sure to be welcomed into any collection of belly rings for pregnancy.

Stork Delivers Maternity Navel Ring

Stork Delivers Maternity Navel Ring

Maternity Belly Button Rings

Maternity belly button rings should be flexible and comfortable. Ideally, a great maternity navel ring is going to grow with you as your belly grows. Custom made belly button rings with a flexible plastic barbell can be a great choice. Belly button rings during pregnancy just need to make room for the growing bundle of joy inside. Maternity belly button rings designed for this are the best bet for providing style while being comfortable. With the many different styles, designs, and materials available, the nine months of waiting for the stork’s arrival doesn’t have to be one without fashionable belly bling.


Check out this video for a peek at more styles of pregnancy belly button rings: