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Hanging Out Over on Google+? Creating Sets on Polyvore? Join Us!

Are you hanging out over at  Google +? Creating sets on Polyvore? Be sure to check in with BellyBling!


You can find our new Google+ page here: BellyBling Google+ page.

We’ll be posting weekly deals on belly rings, showing off new bling as we get it in, sharing articles, videos, celebrity news, trend alerts, announcing contests, and more.

image of google+ bellybling page



We’re also super excited to be on Polyvore. You can follow us by going here: BellyBling Polyvore page.

And be sure to look for the Polyvore button on our product pages. It makes it easy to add bling to the sets you’re creating.


Batman set with Batman Belly Ring

Batman set with Batman Belly Ring