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Trend Alert: Owl Belly Rings

image of BellyBling Owl Belly Rings on PolyvoreLast year was all about the mustache. Actually, the mustache was such a big deal that it sort of carried over into 2013 (especially into last month, Movember). However, 2013 has brought on some trends of its own.

What am I talking about? Despite recent YouTube sensation, “What Does the Fox Say,” this year has been ruled by our favorite bird in flight, the owl.


Photo: Wanelo.com

Cookie jars, clutches, t-shirts, earrings, backpacks, belly bling, and more, there is no denying owls are everywhere!  Even the bathroom!

So what is it about owls that has us so enthralled? Perhaps it’s their nocturnal state; as creatures of the night we naturally associate them with mystery and darkness. Not only that, but the fact that they rarely come out during the daytime makes it even more buzz-worthy when we do see them. Essentially, they intrigue us.

Another reason we love owls is for their intelligence. Think about it! This has been engrained in us since we were kids (remember Winnie the Pooh). Whether you learned a thing or two from Pooh’s friend or not, in reality owls actually are one of the smartest birds of prey. Now we can only hope that wearing them makes us feel, or at least look, a little bit smarter too!

Bling Factor: There are several ways for you to get in on this trend…

image of best friend owl belly rings from Belly BlingBelly Bling Besties: Try the Best Friends Owl Belly Button Rings. Not only are these guys in style, but they’re also a great way to show your BFF you give a hoot (pun intended)!



image of breast cancer awareness owl belly ring from Belly Bling

Style for a Cause: The Breast Cancer Awareness Owl Belly Bling is not only cute, it shows your raises breast cancer awareness and shows your support.



image of black owl belly button ring from Belly BlingClassic: The Black Owl Belly Ring is pretty self-exclamatory. Not too flashy, not to drab, this little guy is the perfect accent. He also comes in white.



image of gold owl belly button ring from Belly BlingFancy Pants: This Gold Owl Belly Ring really makes a statement. With beaty-red eyes and a rainbow belly, it’s a show stopper.



Interested in the owl belly rings trend, but none of this bling is your thing? Check out the rest of our owl collection!

Owl Belly Button Ring Trend

Who is on the look out for an owl belly button ring (pun fully intended)? This trend is a-flutter and owl belly button rings can be found worn by the regular Who’s Who in the body jewelry fashion scene. Don’t let the birds fly South for the winter by the time you pick up a sexy dangling owl belly ring or a simple non-dangling owl belly ring.

We made this video showing off some of our favorite owl belly button rings.

At BellyBling, we feature a wide selection of owl navel jewelry, like this Black Owl Belly Ring, or this cute Owl Belly Button Ring with Marquise Gems. Find a pretty in Pink Owl Belly ring or you might find another owl belly button ring with sparkling gems and dangling charms you love. These owl belly button rings are typically 14 gauge with either a standard 7/16” or a shorter 3/8” curved barbell length. If owls are not your preference, we have other bird belly rings as well as navel rings featuring the ever popular Angry Birds. Have a hoot with your closest friend by wearing one of the bird-themed Best Friends belly button rings – brand new to our collection. We are always adding more colors and styles of owl belly button rings. Check back often to see what we’re adding to the site for owl belly button rings.