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Mustache Belly Rings for Movember

image of mustache belly ring from belly blingWe’re just a few days into November, and while you don’t see a lot of men growing out and styling their facial hair just yet, that will soon change. November has come to take on many names, including No-Shave-November and Movember.

What began as a fun tradition has grown to represent something much more, prostate cancer awareness. Breast cancer awareness (acknowledged year round with pink clothing and ribbons) is often addressed, but the cancer that only affects men hasn’t been so publicized.

Perhaps it’s because men like to portray such a tough exterior, but prostate cancer has definitely taken a backseat both in the media and in our minds… until now.

So this Movember, support the movement by encouraging those around you to trade in their clean shaves for 70s handlebars! Meanwhile, you can show your encouragement by wearing mustache belly rings.

With five options to choose from, pick the stache that speaks to you! Each bling comes in barbell form and features a gem in addition to the mustache charm. You can even invite your BFF to join you with Best Friend Mustache Belly Button Rings.

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 238,590 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. Of that, 29,720 men will die from it this year. What can you do to get those numbers down? Get the word out!