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Q & A: Gold Belly Rings

Image of real gold belly button ring from Belly BlingAt BellyBling we take pride in our wide variety of quality and affordable jewelry.  That said, when your date wants to buy you a nice birthday present, or you just want to spoil yourself a little bit, surgical steel is not necessarily the type of jewelry that comes to mind.  When you want to wear the best, you think of gold belly rings.

You may appreciate the value (sentimental or financial) of gold, but what do you really know about this precious metal?

Question #1: What is the difference between 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold?

Let’s back up. What’s a karat? A karat is simply a way to measure the purity of gold; it represents the ratio of gold to other metals within the jewelry. Each piece of gold jewelry contains 24 different parts of metal. For example, a 14k gold ring contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metals.

Now that you understand what 14K gold means, the labels should all start making sense. 18K gold is then 18 parts gold and 6 parts of another metal or metals. 24K gold is 100 percent pure gold.

Question #2: Are certain karats better suited for jewelry?

Yes. Gold is (relatively) soft compared to other metals, and for this reason 14K gold is often ideal for jewelry. Since it’s made up of more assorted metals than 18K gold, it is more durable. This is especially good to know if you live an active lifestyle, in case your jewelry needs to withstand a few blows every now and then.

Added bonus, 14K gold is also much cheaper!

Question #3: How many types of gold are there?image of white gold belly button ring from Belly Bling

First off, all gold starts out yellow. White gold is created when you add alloy nickel or palladium (white metals) with yellow gold. Our selection of white gold belly rings is one of our most popular categories.

image of rose gold belly button ring from Belly BlingWhile yellow gold and and white gold belly are the two most common types, lately a third type of gold, rose gold, is growing in popularity. Rose gold is created by combining pure yellow gold and copper. Adding the copper gives gold a rose colored tint and makes a great update to even the most classic belly rings styles.

Case in point: our rose gold ball belly ring.

Question #4: How do you clean gold? 

Just like when you get your ears pierced and the store hands you a cleaning solution, there are solutions you can buy for your gold. You can also clean your gold using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Note: While we don’t recommend polishing all of your gold jewelry this way, you can clean our line of 14K belly button rings with detergent-free soap and water.

Question #5: Anything else you should know?

While avoiding detergent-based soapy water, you should also avoid chlorine (your eyes aren’t the only thing this chemical takes its toll on). Chlorine can permanently change the color of your gold belly bling. Why take the risk? Leave it at home while you’re at that pool party.

Last but not least, stay away from sand. As we mentioned, real gold is a soft metal. It’s so soft that it can get scratched up when rubbed in or on sand, so before you head to the beach be sure and change out your belly ring for something a little more durable, such as titanium body jewelry or even a flexible plastic belly button ring.

Whether you prefer white or yellow gold, there is no denying that it makes a statement. When you buy it for yourself it says you’re sophisticated, and when given as a gift from a loved one, it says you mean the world.

Gold Belly Button Rings

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Gold Belly Button Rings in Demand

Gold belly button rings are in demand for two reasons. First of all, wearing any type of belly button ring is a fashion must for someone who loves fashion and accessories. Gold belly button rings draws on that powerful allure and fascination that people for generations have had for this gleaming malleable metal. You could even say that by wearing a gold belly ring, you are wearing something elemental, primal, and chemically sexy. Why would I say this? Gold is found on the periodic table of elements. Listed as Au with the atomic number of 79, gold is one of the elements and thus, gold belly rings are elemental. It is only the next step to say that including this hot, sexy trend – wearing a white gold belly button ring or 14k gold belly button rings – is absolutely elemental to your fashionable accessorizing periodic table of fashion elements. Au in this case is a stand in for Amazing You. #79? Well, you can be the judge of what number you would place on this fabulous fashion must have. Gold belly button rings should be in your collection for one elemental reason:  gold is gleaming and therefore, eye popping. Get a gold navel ring today.

We put together this video of some of the top selling gold belly button rings.

Gold Belly Button Rings Bring Classic to Sexy

Gold belly button rings bring the classic sensibility that we have always associated with all gold jewelry to the realm of sexy in the now fashionable body jewelry. Celebrities, models, and the girl next door love to wear bold belly rings. White gold belly button rings emphasize the crystalline elegance and refinement associated with gold. 14k gold belly button rings with the feverish yellow gold gleam make a statement about your love of the eye catching type of bling. Gold navel rings, white or yellow, are hot. Think of the prudish piece of gold jewelry? The yellow gold wedding band was your mother’s favorite piece of gold jewelry, yes. Spin the 14k gold belly ring on it’s head and wear a white gold belly ring instead. Classic and sexy. Gold belly button rings are always going to spin heads and make you feel classically beautiful and always sexy.

Gold Belly Button Rings Outlast the Quick Trend

Gold belly button rings can outlast the quick overnight trend. They are hot right now and they are going to be hot tomorrow. Gold has proven to be a classic over the duration of time in the fashion scene. So, go ahead and invest in your fashion collection with real 14k gold belly button rings – the price of gold is only going to increase so a gold navel ring will be an investment in your future! Or, for the thriftier blinger, save some of your hard earned money with the gleaming gold seen on gold plated belly button rings coated in 24 karat gold that make the take on gold all that and affordable. You might also catch us at the right time when we have one of our infamous BellyBling sales and you’ll be able to take advantage of gold belly button rings for cheap! No matter what your budget, you are sure to find gold navel rings to suit your style and your price level at BellyBling. Looking for the hot new gold belly ring? Solid gold, real gold, 14k gold, and gold plated – you can find the gold belly button rings that you want. Some of our favorites include the solid gold crown that is oh so juicy. (Get out your bibs to catch the drool.)

Juicy Crown Gold Belly Button Rings

Juicy Crown Gold Belly Button Rings

We also love the elegant and sophisticated real yellow gold belly button ring with dangling flowers and vines.

Yellow Gold Belly Button Rings with Dangling Flowers & Vines

Yellow Gold Belly Button Rings with Dangling Flowers & Vines

And last, but certainly not least, we love the white gold belly ring with a crystal flower. Simply stunning and sexy.

White Gold Belly Button Rings with Crystal Flower

White Gold Belly Button Rings with Crystal Flower