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Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring – The History, Meaning & Fashion

A dream catcher belly button ring is more than just a dangling belly button ring. Dreamcatcher belly button rings are physical symbols for ethereal ideas, dreams, and desires. Wearing a dream catcher belly ring draws upon historical ideologies and spiritual principles of Native American people. So, dream catcher belly button rings are fashionable pieces of body jewelry with a legendary past. Choosing to wear a dreamcatcher belly ring draws on the ancestral heritage of Native Americans.

Mily Cryus’ dream catcher tattoo. {Via}

There is a story told about the original dream catcher. When the world itself was young, an elder spiritual leader of the Lakota had a vision while on a high mountain. The elder saw Iktomi in the form of a spider. Iktomi was a teacher of natural wisdom. Iktomi picked up the willow hoop with feathers on it, beads, and other offerings worked in it. He spun a web in the center of the dream catcher. Iktomi told the elder leader about the cycles of life and the importance of following the good forces not the bad forces in order to keep the natural world in balance and in harmony. The web in the willow hoop was a way to filter out the bad forces and to hold onto the good forces. The bad forces would get caught in the web and disappear with the morning light. If the dream catcher was hung above a sleeping person, the good dreams, visions, and ideas would pass down the web onto the feathers and into the person’s own dreams. In this way, it became a tradition to hang a dream catcher above a baby’s sleeping place or above a child to ward off bad dreams, filtering in the good and keeping out the bad. Larger ones would be hung in lodges for all people. In this way, the people would know how to keep harmony in the natural world around them by staying connected to the good forces.

When you wear a dream catcher belly button ring, you are drawing upon this ancient tradition. Wearing dreamcatcher belly button rings is a way to ask the universe to filter good dreams, good visions, and good ideas into your life. When you wear a dream catcher belly ring, you are saying you want to stay in harmony with the natural world around you. You are making a conscious choice to use fashion and body jewelry like dream catcher belly button rings to make a statement of how important keeping in harmony with nature is to your life.

Giving a dreamcatcher belly ring to someone you love or to a friend is following the ancient Native American tradition as well. Native American people gave dream catchers as an expression of care for the person receiving the dream catcher and out of a desire to keep the bad forces away. When your friend looks at the dreamcatcher belly button ring, they can be reminded by the web that we are all a part of the natural world. Dream catcher belly rings remind us with their circle shape that the Earth we walk on is like our sacred mother who gave birth to us. We destroy life when we put the natural world into disorder. The bead in the center of the dream catcher navel ring is a reminder of the single semi-precious gemstone used by the Native American people in their dream catchers. The single stone was a reminder to them and the single bead in the dreamcatcher navel ring is a reminder to the one wearing it, that there is a single creator of the world on which we live.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard sporting a dream catcher t-shirt. {Via}

When it comes to fashion and the dream catcher, they are becoming harmonious with one another lately as well. Celebrities and trend setters alike have begun embracing the dream catcher as fashion accessories, as clothing designs, or in the case of actress and singer Miley Cyrus, they have been seen sporting the dream catcher in tattoo form. The buzz around town is that America’s famous bachelorette, Emily Maynard, has been seen dressing in an inexpensive dream catcher t-shirt into a very fashionable and expensive fashion wardrobe. Fashion designer Ann-Sophie Back had her models walking the runway in London with dream catcher inspired necklines, necklaces, earrings, and hemlines just a few years ago. In the fashion world, the dream is being caught all right. So, it is no surprise to see dreamcatcher navel rings hitting the market and sticking. Let the other fly by the night fashion trends pass on through your web of couture, but don’t let the dream die. Find some dream catcher navel rings to spruce up your inner harmonious fashionista.

Ann Sofie dream catcher skirt. {Via}

Next up in the fashion trends in body jewelry peeking over the horizon are feather belly button rings – being at one with nature is hot now; Zodiac navel rings – after all, it begs the question, what is your sign, baby? It’s a strange mix-up going on in the land of fashionable couture and jewelry. Hippie belly button rings and western navel rings are intermingling. Meeting in the middle are semi-precious stone belly rings. New meets old in vintage belly button rings that are ever so charming, darling. What do these diverse fashion trends have to say to one another? Nothing, of course, but what they do say to us in the fashion world is that expressing your individual associations with the world around you is important to the aspiring fashionista. Be who you are – dream catcher belly button ring, hippie belly ring, or western navel ring. You have to be true to your own dream and vision for yourself. Now, that is what makes high style and fashion.

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