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Question of the Week: Flat Tummy

Flat Tummy Confidence Confidential

Emma Watson Image by JustJaredJr

Dear Belly Bling,

I have a lot of friends who play sports or take dance classes to stay fit. Showing off a flat tummy for one of my friends seems easy for them. I don’t play sports or take dance. I worry I’m not thin enough to show off my new belly piercing like they do. I want to but I’m scared.

-Shy Belly Girl

Dear Shy Belly Girl,

We all know what it’s like to feel shy sometimes. We agree that staying active is one good step towards staying healthy. Bodies come in different shapes and sometimes how active you are doesn’t have anything to do with a flat tummy or buff muscles.

Anyone can stay healthy and they don’t have to take dance or play soccer to do it. Although playing sports or taking dance can be a fun way to stay fit. If you don’t like those activities there are other ways to stay healthy and maybe even keep a flat tummy. Walking, hiking, biking, or even try taking a Zumba class, which is not your traditional ballet dance class, but a fun way to stay fit while listening to amazing music! Or don’t worry about what others may think of your athletic abilities and try to play a sport recreationally, not competitively and see if you can’t build up some healthy movement into your life as well as build up your confidence.

Even if you choose to do none of these activities, you can find other ways to boost your self confidence. First of all, don’t focus on your friends. Don’t even focus on your tummy. You can wear a belly button ring under your shirt just as easily as you can when you bare your abs. Wearing a pretty belly button ring can make you feel more confident. Remember, some people like big hair, big flair, and flashy navel rings. That’s great. It’s just as great being more subtle and thoughtful. Some people are just as beautiful with a small gem belly ring. If you wear your belly ring under a shirt, you can choose who you want to show off your belly button ring to and where as well as when. Part of staying healthy is to remember to keep both your body and your mind fit as well as happy!

Emma Watson as seen in the photo above walks with confidence baring her flat tummy. However, we think she was just as cool and confident while playing the brainiac in all those Harry Potter flicks. The important thing is to appreciate yourself and don’t worry about what others think. Instead, have fun, smile, walk with confidence and we bet other’s will take note and smile back at you.

Sweet Bling,

Belly Bling