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Clear Nose Rings & Studs

Clear nose rings and studs are a great way to conceal your nose ring while maintaining the integrity of your piercing. Whether you need clear nose rings for work or you just don’t feel like drawing attention to your nose, a nose ring retainer is an excellent solution. They come in various styles and sizes from 20 gauge to 10 gauge. The most popular clear nose ring is a flat Head nose bone in either 20 gauge or 18 gauge. Check out some of our other styles and sizes in this video:

Not only are clear nose rings an ideal way to downplay your nose piercing, they’re great for allergy sufferers too! All of our nose ring retainers are made out of bioflex plastic.

If you have other piercings you are trying to hide, we’ve got you covered. BellyBling.net has a wide selection of clear piercing retainers.

When was the last time you needed to conceal a piercing and how did you go about it?