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Celebrity Style: Beyoncé

Although we know she wasn’t exactly referring to belly rings in her hit song Put a Ring on It, megastar Beyoncé certainly has been rocking the belly ring bling lately.

In her new campaign for H&M, the pop star beauty sports some understated navel rings along with the oh-so-sexy bikinis. hm

And who can forget her turn on Shape magazine this past spring?










Beyoncé is one of those stars not afraid to switch up her style, and the constant change is just one of the things that we love about her. From her early days on the stage with Destiny’s Child to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and on to super-stardom, she’s never afraid to try something new. Even motherhood hasn’t slowed down her evolution of style.

Here are just a few of our favorite Beyoncé looks, and the belly rings that we thing would make the perfect finishing touch.

Style: Cute & Casual 


for bk1

This look is all about the updated accessories- colorful stilettos, long pendant, zippered bag, bold hat. An animal print belly ring in an unexpected bright yellow would make a real statement.







Style: Sleek & Sophisticated


ring for bk2

Nothing is more striking than the clean lines of a classic white suit. And nothing is more classic than a real gold belly ring in 14k gold. Cubic zirconia accents add a little extra bling.






Style: Funky & Retro


for bk3

So many styles would work with the fringe and peek-a-boo style of this dress, but we’re leaning towards this circle shield belly ring. The Swarovski crystals add plenty of eye-catching style without being distracting since it lies flat.







Style: Feminine & Fun


for bk4

In-and-out belly rings like this chameleon belly ring creates two distinct focal points- perfect for peeking through a sheer dress or top.




Style: Pretty & Versatile


for bk5

Throwing a menswear-inspired jacket over a pretty lace top gives you the best of both worlds- much like this cute reverse belly ring. You get the simple stud accent and a dangling butterfly.


Belly Ring Tips: 6 Ways to Beat the Belly Bloat

Although summer doesn’t officially start for a few days, tummy-baring tops and cute little bikinis have probably already become a regular in your wardrobe rotation if you’re got some belly ring bling or a sexy belly chain to show off.

While regular exercise is really the best way to get a sexy, belly ring- flaunting tummy, we’ve collected some tips you can use to keep the bloating at bay.

1. Cut down on salt. Salt consumption makes you retain water which can cause bloating. Even if you don’t normally add a lot of salt to your food, start reading labels to see how much sodium a food contains. Canned foods in particular, such as soups can contain a high amount of sodium, as do some foods you might not expect: salad dressing, ketchup, bacon, cheese, and breads.

2. Drink plain water. This is a no-brainer. Carbonated drinks like soda and sparkling water continue to churn even after you drink them, which can cause pressure and bloating in your stomach.

3. Avoid processed foods. Processed white food in particular, like bread, pasta, etc. can be difficult to digest. Choose whole grains instead, such as brown rice, oats, and whole wheat breads, which are a good source of fiber. One word of caution: add fiber to your diet slowly to give your body a chance to adjust. Too much fiber too quickly can also bloat your digestive track.

4. Don’t chew gum. Chewing gum means you’re also swallowing air, which makes its way into the stomach and causes pressure.

5. Just say no fried foods. Foods cooked by deep-frying take longer to digest, which can cause an uncomfortably full feeling for an extended period of time. It’s best to avoid the deep fried shrimp basket if you plan to put on a bikini a few hours later.

6. Eat your veggies, most of them anyway. Veggies are an excellent addition to your diet, but avoid those that have been proven to product more gas: beans, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower to name a few.

7. Avoid large meals and eat slowly. Eating a big meal can do a number on the stomach, and gulping it down quickly can double the discomfort. Rather than eating three big meals a day, spread your menu out to include six smaller meals. This helps keep your hunger levels in control so you’re not ravenous before a meal, which can in turn, cause you to eat too fast.

Ready to show off your belly button rings or belly ring chains? Be sure to share with us! Send it, and you just might be a belly bling model. Get the details here.


Celebrity Belly Ring Bling: Britney Spears

britney spears belly ringBritney Spears is back in the news lately, thankfully for good things: new music, new boyfriend, and her fabulously toned bod on the cover of the June issue of Shape magazine. The first thing we noticed? The belly ring she’s rocking. The dangling, sparkling stones are the perfect accent for her sexy suit and confident personality.

Britney has certainly come a long way since she first showed off her newly pierced belly during a stint on MTV’s TRL back in 2000. Check it out:

Who’d have thought that years later- and now also a Mom to two boys- she’d be proudly showing off that piercing on newsstands across the country? Belly piercings have definitely become a lot more common since Britney had teens gasping (and probably some parents too!) when she flashed that little gold ring from under a sweater more than a decade ago.

And with belly piercings more common, belly rings now come in styles for every personality, whether you’re all about the glittery glam of dangling belly rings or like the understated style of a gold captive bead ring.

What do you think of Britney’s taste in belly rings? Better back then? Or simply stunning now?