Style to Go: Six Must-Have Beauty & Fashion Apps

People use their phones for everything these days: sending an email, checking Facebook, playing games, mapping out road trips, creating budgets, finding the closest pizza place. We decided that beauty and fashion tips shouldn’t miss out on all the fun, so we’ve rounded up some of our favs here:


poseThink of it as Instagram for clothes. Pose invites you to take photos of what you’re wearing, and tag the brands. Then, when you’re all done, share the photo so Pose users can give you feedback on your style.




color geniusSome days you want your nail polish to match your outfit. Other days you wonder what makeup would best bring out the blue shades in your scarf. That’s where L’Oreal Paris Color Genius comes in! Take a photo of what you’re wearing, and select a color in the photo. Decide if you want to match or rebel, and the app does the rest, spitting out suggestions!


coppertoneEverybody has done it! You go out for a fun day on the beach, underestimate how long you’ve been in the sun, and get a little too much color. Nothing ruins a good outfit like tomato red skin. Coppertone MyUV Alert helps you avoid the next day sun-soaked regrets. All you have to do is type in your location and tell the app your skin type. Then it lets you know when it’s time to apply sunscreen based on the UV index, temperature, and all that good stuff. You can even set it up to sound an alarm.



haircasterHere is another fashion faux-pas that we know entirely too well. You spend an hour or so on your hair only to step outside and have it fall flat or frizz out. Well not anymore! Type in your zip code and hair type (fine/full, wavy/straight), and Haircaster will give you a head’s up in regards to what the weather will do with your hair. Need I say more?




spaLifebooker is an awesome app that helps you figure out what spas and salons to avoid with customer reviews. Once you’ve found a winner, schedule an appointment through the app! But wait, one more thing. This app also gives you some great deals so be sure to check out the “Buy Loot Deals” tab before you go in.



beautylish“B” stands for Beautylish, and while it may not be a real word it is a really popular app! Consider it the Pinterest of the makeup world. Browse through millions of makeup and hair style photos until you find your favorite. Don’t worry about not knowing the right brand of mascara to buy- read the uploader’s personal how-to and purchase the recommended products on the spot! Tips, tricks and no checkout line? Does it get any better?


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