Style Report: Our Favorite Fall Nail Trends

Red_nail_polish_in_applicationFashion comes in many forms, and this season you’re taking the phrase “nail art” to a whole new level. Nail polish is no longer just about which color you choose, nail trends are now also about texture, shading and layers.

So while you’re starting to think about putting a coat on as you walk out the door, consider some of these fall-inspired nail coats to give your look a little something extra!


For starters, let’s talk colors. Oxblood red is in this season, and if the name oxbloodsounds scary it’s because the color is to die for. Really, how often do you find a shade that’s sexy, sophisticated, and perfect for Halloween? It’s the perfect mix of deep red, darkened with just a hint of purple.

Next up, try taupe! This neutral shade goes well with the colors of fall. From leaves to boots, it blends in to bring out the rest of your outfit. It’s also a great choice if your nails are shorter as it creates a clean, crisp finish. San Tan-tonio from OPI is one of our favs.



d4afaab23309e9f0b27eee4af0266ae0Not looking to be subtle? Want to make your nails a showstopper? Try outlining them in a contrasting color. A darker color like black, dark brown or gray will pack the most punch. A quick search of the term “Border Nails” on Pinterest will offer up a ton of ideas, like this one we found from The Daily Varnish.





Another way to add a little extra flare to your normal shade is by taking advantage of the ombre effect. ombreThat’s right, now nails have found a way to incorporate a style we already love. Choose from multiple colors or just blend black into your shade of choice. This one is fully customizable. Not a nail guru? Don’t worry. There are tons of how-to YouTube videos out there.



Now that we’ve covered colors and shades, let’s touch on texture (pun essie1intended). Lots of lines- from Sally Hansel to Kate Spade have introduced lines of 3D nail accents ranging from metallic studs to gem sparkles. These bad boys are an easy to apply option that will instantly jazz up any look. One of our favorite lines is from Essie, shown here. Our testers report they’re easy to apply and last for days.




If you’re looking to cut back on costs this season, take advantage of the old lacelace you have lying around. Black or white lace, it doesn’t matter. Apply lace on top of your normal nail polish to drastically doll it up. This works on any shade from Pretty in Pink to Sea Foam Green. Once again, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to go around.


Now that you know a few or our favorite fall nail trends, let us know what yours are!


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