Stunning Stars: 7 Celebs and their Bling of Choice

Musically gifted or talented actresses, there is one thing these seven women have in common. Sure, they’re all rich (ok, maybe there are two things), but they also all love their bling. More than that, their style is true to both their personality and their art.

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures


Riri has made it public knowledge that she likes
to hang out in tattoo and piercing salons, and
let’s face it, if you do that often enough you’re bound
to wind up with some bling. Why do we love her?
Riri shares our passion for self-expression, whether
it’s a nipple ring, blingy bracelets, or simple stud



Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Britney Spears

It wouldn’t be a list of female celeb fashionistas without Britney. No matter how much- or little-
she is wearing, whether she’s on the stage or
on the beach, there is no denying this girl knows
how to rock a belly ring. Best of all…. she isn’t
shy about showing it off. 







Photo: 247PapsTV/Splash News Online

Lady Gaga

Known for her outrageous costumes, wigs, makeup
and entourages, it’s rare to get a photo of Lady Gaga without one of her many stage personas, but it’s
worth it when you do. We love it when her over-the-top look takes a backseat and lets an understated style shine through.






Photo: popcrush

Pink has went through several hair colors during her career: pink, purple, blue, blonde, etc., but one thing that hasn’t changed is her nose ring. In fact, she might as well have named herself nose piercing (except that doesn’t have a very nice ring to it).

From her performances to the red carpet, she never misses the opportunity to show it off!



Photo: Getty Images


Drew Barrymore

Once a wild child, it wasn’t too surprising when Drew got her tongue pierced. But actually, it wasn’t even Drew’s idea. She did it for her character in the movie “Whip It,” Smashley Simpson. Her idea or not, after the film finished shooting Drew didn’t have the heart to take her tongue ring out. 



Photo: Giampaolo Sgura/Trunk Archive


Halle Berry

While most women rely on luxurious locks to give them that feminine touch, Halle isn’t one of them. She likes to keep her hair short, and that makes it easy to show off her pierced ears. This makes her the embodiment of the words classy and charm, whether dress to the nines for the red carpet or in cut off shorts for a visit to the Farmer’s Market. 




Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters/Landov


Christina Aguilera

Since becoming a mom in 2008, Christina has scaled back a bit, showing less skin and piercings. But she’s never been afraid to do a 180 degree style switch up, complete with just the right bling. THe proof is here, from a 2004 Grammy Awards post-show shot. 

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