Six Snacks for a Super Summer Body

girl in pink bikini with strawberry belly ring and starsSummertime is all about feeling and looking your best. Whether you count on the activities you’re involved in or a rigid exercise routine to keep you in shape, it’s just as important to eat right.

Make sure what goes in your body complements what you’re expecting to get out of it! Incorporate these summer snacks into your diet to keep your figure fit and fabulous.

Oats – High in soluble fiber (known for promoting good digestion) and energy, oats will fill you up without bogging you down. Try them for breakfast with some yogurt and berries on top, or eat the oats dry as a mid-day granola snack!

Lemons & Limes - It’s safe to say everyone has had “that” moment; either you bit into a lemon yourself and your face puckered up or you’ve watched a little kid do it. These fruits pack a punch! Though high in Vitamin C, it’s their flavor that makes us love lemons. No matter how much a person enjoys water, there is no denying it’s nice to have a little flavor sometimes. Skip the caloric juice and soda by adding a slice of lemon or lime to your drink!

Mulberries – There is no denying that summer is the season when a majority of fruit is at its freshest and most plentiful. Fortunately for beach bodies, mulberries are one of those tasty treats. A great source of potassium, fiber, and Vitamin C, one serving of mulberries is only 43 calories! Delicious dry or juicy, mix mulberries into your salad to add great flavor without the guilt. Note: raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries are also a good option.


Eggs - Cheese and butter aside, eggs are a great option for someone looking to fuel their body while watching their weight. Eggs are cheap, versatile in consumption, and high in protein. Help yourself to as many egg whites as you like, but limit yourself to one yolk a day.

Summer Squash – How can you go wrong with summer built into the name?! It may be high in nutrients, but one serving is just 10 calories! Try it as a baked goods additive or grilled.

Salmon - Most fish, when prepared efficiently, offers necessary nutrients for little to no calories. Even shrimp (if you stretch the definition of fish) is high in protein. However, there is no diet seafood quiet like salmon. Salmon contains omega-3 oil that fights fat cells in the body, keeping new fat cells from forming and wearing down old ones! What more could you ask for in food!?

Now that you know our top picks for a sleek summer shape, tell us yours! What’s your delicious and nutritious go-to food? 



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