Self-Tanning Tips and Tricks to Look like a Golden Goddess

WLet’s face it; there is nothing attractive about showing off your belly bling while you have pale skin. However, not all of us have the time- or the desire- to lie out and soak up the summer sun. So what do you do when there is an impromptu pool party?

This self-tanning checklist is guaranteed to give you that sun-kissed glow without making you look like an oompa-loompa (sorry Charlie).

1.    If you’ve never used self-tanner before, buy the lotion kind. It can be a challenge to apply spray-on self-tanner evenly, and you don’t want to miss a spot! Either purchase lotion or foaming self-tanner.

 2.    Exfoliate the night before, then moisturize. This one should be obvious. You want to get all of the dead skin off before you use self-tanner. At the same time, dry skin can cause streaking. Note: Be sure to leave a couple hours between the time you put lotion on and the time you put on the self-tanner! 

3.    Prepare your hair (this is especially true if you’re a blonde). It is possible to stain your hair with self-tanners. Before you get started put conditioner or Vaseline along your hairline. This way you can rub out the tan line worry free.

4.    Wear gloves. Throughout the application process, your hands will absorb more color than the rest of your body. Cover them while you do your arms, legs, face, etc. Then take off the gloves, and put self-tanner on the back of your hands.

5.    Be aware of ‘tricky’ body parts. Your elbows and knees will look darker. To accommodate, use the lotion sparingly on these areas. Another tip: mix a little regular lotion with the tanning lotion which will dilute the color slightly and keep those areas from looking darker than the rest of your arms and legs. Also, don’t forget about your ears! White ears are a guaranteed giveaway that your tan is fake.

6.    Consider blow drying when you’re done. This will help the lotion dry more quickly so you avoid staining your clothes.

All of that trouble and your self-tan still looks uneven? No worries. Take a cotton ball covered in rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover, to the streaks. This will help tone things down.

Good luck!

Now it’s your turn: How do you achieve the perfect sun-less tan? What’s your favorite brand of self-tanner? 

Self Tanning Tips & Tricks

Self Tanning Tips & Tricks

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