Ring in 2014 in Style: Belly Rings for New Year’s Eve

There are a few nights each year when you plan your outfits ahead of time. When you’re going on a big date, when your birthday is right around the corner, and of course, New Year’s Eve.

Everyone wants to start the year off in-style, so how do you stand out? Is it by painting your fingernails with “2-0-1-4-!” or “NYE14?” Is it by the wearing the most outrageous heels? Or maybe it’s by sporting the boldest of belly rings for New Year’s Eve?

If dangling, sparkly, extreme bling is what you need to complete your look then look no further! Here’s the run-down on our five favorite top, over-the-top, top down navel rings (that’s a lot of tops!)…

First off, let’s talk about top down belly rings (also called reverse belly button rings) . Not only are they known to be more comfortable, but they’re also known to turn a few heads. Why? It’s a twist on traditional belly bling. With top down jewelry, the focal point actually sits above your belly button. Most belly bling isn’t set up that way, so people aren’t used to seeing it.

Top Down Hinged Tribal Dangling Belly Ring

belly rings for New Year's Eve: top down belly ring from Belly Bling

We love tribal designs. Not only are they one of the most popular subjects for a tattoo, but tribal design also make for great jewelry! The smooth twist really draws your eye in. Add the right top to compliment it, and you’re ready to go.

Vintage Chandelier Top Down Belly Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: vintage belly ring / chandelier belly ring from BellyBling.net

This bling has a little bit of everything: that vintage look that’s so in right now, chains, charms, and a crystal. What more could you ask for? Not to mention that the chains are draped in a way that’s sure to grab everyone’s, or just the right someone’s, attention.

Top Down Vine Belly Button Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: top down gem belly ring

This piece needs no introduction; it’s the epitome of belly bling and is by far one of our favorites on the belly rings for New Year’s Eve list. However, we’ll go ahead and say a few words anyway. Actually, we’ll say three: Oh, la, la.

Winged Heart Top Down Belly Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: heart belly ring from belly bling

With each New Year’s Eve comes new hope. Whether that means for professional success, personal triumphs, or romantic rendezvous, we’ll leave that up to you, but if romance is your “heart’s desire” then why not let it be known? Show off your inner-romantic and hopeful heart with this winged heart top down belly ring. The red crystal is simply beautiful. So is the sentiment.

Top Down Cluster Navel Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: gem navel ring from bellybling.net

This jewelry is colorful, creative, and just plain fun!  What’s more, its reversible, meaning you can wear it as a top down or flip it to go along with a traditional outfit. Either way, it will definitely add a little flare to your evening.

If you’ll be flaunting your bling while ringing in the new year, don’t forget to take a picture and share it: #bellybling


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