Reverse Belly Button Rings Rev Up Style

Reverse Belly Button Rings

Reverse belly button rings are increasing in popularity for a reason. Why? Although it is usually recommended not to wear a reverse belly button ring when you initially get your navel pierced, many love to wear reverse belly button rings because in general, they are more comfortable than a dangling belly ring. More of the weight of heavy gems or other shield like charms are better supported by the reverse design. So, comfort is one important reason to wear reverse belly button rings.

Another reason many wear reverse belly button rings is to hide small imperfections in the belly piercing itself. Is your navel piercing slightly off? Slightly to the left or to the right? A shield style reverse belly ring can hide small imperfections. A large reverse navel ring is less likely to snag when it is not dangling so low. With a reversed dangle, it is lifted higher up on your navel and therefore, is less likely to snag or drag or simply get lost in the waist of your jeans, shorts, or skirts.

There is one more final reason to wear reverse belly button rings. Reverse belly button rings rev up your style.

Reverse Belly Button Rings Rev Up Style

Reverse belly button rings can be quirky or quintessential accessories. Here are a few of our favorite quirky reverse belly button rings that rev up your quirky style.

The top down snake belly button ring serves the quirky style you love to show off. The quintessential reverse belly button ring that you should not live without is the vintage chandelier top down reverse belly ring.


Reverse Belly Button Rings Bring on the Va-Voom

If you want to bring some va-voom to your belly, the reverse gold belly button rings takes the gold for big time va-voom.

Here is an up close shot of how the reverse belly button ring rests higher up on the navel.

Belly Shot

Up Close on the Reverse Belly Ring

Big style. Big on comfort. What’s not to love about reverse belly button rings? Tell us which ones you love in our comments and don’t forget to check out all of our reverse belly button rings for sale.


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