Q&A: Claddagh Belly Button Rings

image of  one of bellybling.net's Claddagh belly button ringsWith St. Patrick’s Day coming up, we’ve received several questions about our Claddagh Belly Button Rings. Well as you know by now, your wish is our command! Here are the answers to some of your top questions about these intriguing symbols.

Q: Where do claddagh rings come from?

A: Claddagh rings have been around for quite some time. In fact, the actual date is unknown simply because there are so many old legends surrounding the symbol. For example, one legend says that a woman named Margareth Joyce married a man from Spain. Sadly, Margareth’s husband died shortly after their marriage, and he left her with lots of money. She later went to Ireland, remarried, and used that money to build bridges. As a token of her kindness, an eagle flew overhead and dropped the ring into her hands.

While we don’t have a definitive answer on the date, all of the stories seem to originate in Ireland, more specifically the Irish fishing village of Claddagh.

Q: What do the crown, the heart, and the hands stand for?

A: The crown stands for loyalty, the hands represent friendship, and the heart naturally symbolizes love. Essentially they’re the factors that form the foundation of any good relationship.

Q: I’ve heard it means something if the ring is pointing one way over another?

A: Good question! Yes, it does mean two entirely different things if the ring is facing away from your body or towards your body. It also means something different depending on which hand you wear it on. Here’s how it breaks down…

Right Hand, Heart Facing Away from Your Body: While you’re open to the possibility of love, your heart is still free. It doesn’t belong to anyone. Essentially, you’re single and looking.

Right Hand, Heart Facing Toward Your Body: Now you’re “Facebook official.” You’re in a relationship, and your heart is no longer out in the open for anyone to come along and try to win over.

Left Hand, Heart Facing Away from Your Body: As you can imagine, once your claddagh ring has been switched to the left hand it means things are getting serious. Your heart belongs to someone. Claddagh rings are often worn like this upon an engagement.

Left Hand, Heart Facing Toward Your Body: This shows that your two hearts have become one. It’s the claddagh equivalent to a wedding ring.

Q: Can men wear claddagh rings too?

A: Claddagh rings are unisex, and they mean the same thing when being worn by either a man or a woman. That said, while the symbol itself is open to either sex the design may not be. A woman’s claddagh ring often contains extra jewels or flare, and men’s tend to be plainer.

Q: Have any celebrities been known to wear claddagh rings?

A: Everyone from politicians to movie stars have been seen wearing these relationship status symbols. Former presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, Jennifer Aniston, John Wayne, Bono, and even Walt Disney!


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