A Prom Fashion Fairy Tale

Operation School Bell Gives Teens a Fairy Tale Fashion Prom

Prom fashion is on every teenager’s mind. Knowing this, Operation School Bell and the Anne Banning Auxiliary of the Assistance League of Southern California has been making school easier for underprivileged and at risk kids for 45 years. A couple of weeks ago Operation School Bell with the help of the Fashion World’s very own Fairy Godmother, Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru made real life prom dreams become fairy tales by giving 38 teens the chance to try on prom dresses and fashion accessories with the help of Cojo and other volunteers. Perhaps, the pumpkin turned coach is that the prom dresses and fashion accessories were free thanks to Operation School Bell. Cojo is a fashion critic perhaps best known for helping American Idol contestants select new wardrobe pieces during 2003 and 2004.

Operation School Bell doesn’t just provide free prom dresses and prom accessories. The charitable organization assists 5,500 Los Angeles Unified School District’s students with new school clothes enabling and promoting school attendance.

Cojo the Fairy Godmother Rocks Prom Fashion

Modern Day Cinderella Prom Fashion

Cojo the Fairy Godmother of Prom Fashion via his Twitter Feed

Cojo tweeted about the event saying, “The next chapter for me will def have a giving back component. I’m modeling myself after Mother Teresa (but with great hair & veneers).” Well, Cojo, we applaud you and all the volunteers that made this fairy tale a reality for our real world Cinderellas by giving them a fabulous day of fashion while trying on prom dresses and other prom accessories, and while being cheered by a fashion critic icon. What an experience to give to so many beautiful Cinderellas!

Fashion Meets Fairy Tale with Free Prom Dresses & Prom Fashion Accessories

Imagine not having the funds to get that penultimate prom dress that you have been dreaming about since you were 12-years-old. Top off the cost of that princess prom dress with the added burden of prom shoes, the perfect prom clutch, and other prom accessories. The price tag for a fairy tale night at prom is mighty steep for any teen. For some, it is an impossible dream. Prom is held up as the coming of age experience for teens for generations. It’s probably why the 80’s movie Pretty in Pink is still inspiring prom fashions and prom accessories 27 years later. The Prom is the iconic event of a teenager’s life. This is why we applaud Operation School Bell for helping 38 teens feel like the Belle of the Ball.

Pretty in Pink 80s Prom Fashion

Pretty in Pink 80s Prom Fashion

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