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Weekly Horoscopes: March 18-25

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Pisces Horoscope

Dear Pisces,

The Seas of Love are rising your way. Don’t swim, Pisces, without the charms and tokens of love. Prepare yourself, Pisces, as the Greek Goddess Athena once prepared herself before greeting someone she desired. Just as the gods of war must don helmets, shields, and weapons, you too, oh great Princesses of the Sea, must cover yourselves in the garments and jewelry of love. Take care to place pretty charms in your hair, like flowering buds blossoming in the tangled vines. Greet the sun and your new love with yesterday’s woes washed from your face, and replace with rosy cheeks and blushing lips. Wear the sign of the Pisces as a charm against the Bad Fates who may do you harm and as a reminder that you will rise, oh great Princesses of the Sea, as a mermaid who has landed on the beach to meet her Prince.

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