Picture Perfect: 6 Tips for Looking Great in Pictures

photoSchool is back in session! The downside, you have more homework. The upside, more friends around means more opportunities to hang out and take pictures!

So how do you guarantee that you won’t become the laughing stock of your next girls’ night out photo shoot? Try these six tips and tricks of the trade and you’ll be looking great in pictures.

1.    Keep your tongue behind your teeth. We love this trick because it’s so simple. This will help the muscles in your face relaxed, giving you a more natural smile.

 2.    Keep yourself level with the photographer. If the camera is pointed up to your eyes, you may find yourself wondering when you grew a double chin. Hopefully the photography won’t shoot at this angle, but if he/she does you can always lower yourself to that level. Another way you can slim down your chin is to extend your neck. To create this effect, push your chin out an extra inch.

 3.    Don’t put your hand(s) on your hips. Every girl has at least one photo where they’re rocking the hip hand (dubbed the “arm triangle of insecurity”), but it doesn’t always translate well on camera, and instead comes across as fake and posed. For a more natural look, hold your shoulder back a bit and bend your arms away from your chest. The angle of your arms is the same idea as having your hand on your hip, but it looks a lot better!

 4.    Watch the makeup. Not only does the camera add 10 pounds, but it will also bring out your eye shadow and blush. The moral of the story, go easy on the makeup to avoid looking overdone.

 5.    Angles, angles, angles. Tilting your head just slightly to one side can have a major impact on your photo. Why? It’s all about the eye! We’re not talking about your eyes in the photo, but the way your eyes view the photo. When you’re looking directly at the camera, your eye tends to look left to right as you skim the resulting picture. However, when your head is tilted your eye will start at your neck and work its way up, making you look thinner. Neat, huh?

 6.    Clothing is key. While fine in person, patterns don’t make anyone look their best on film. For that reason, stick to solid colors. Now about those solids… Reds and pinks are great for grabbing attention, but if its weight you’re worried about, blacks, browns and deep purples will make you look skinnier.


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