Dear Belly Bling: New Belly Button Piercing & Healing

Change out your old belly ring for this new hot pink bling.

New Hot Pink Belly Ring

Dear Belly Bling, 

How long do I have to wait before I can change my belly ring?

-New Belly Ring Girl

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Dear New Belly Ring Girl,

First, congratulations on your new belly ring!

It can take 3-12 months for a belly button piercing to completely heal. It varies from person to person. This does not mean you can’t shop for belly rings while you wait for the pierced belly button to finish healing! Some of our newest belly rings that we are excited about should keep you entertained while you wait.

Here are some signs that you are going to look for in order to determine if your new piercing has healed enough to change out the belly ring. There should be no crusting at the piercing site. You should be able to freely spin or move the belly ring around without it “sticking” or “pulling” on the healed skin around the site. If your belly button piercing has not completely healed yet, the tissue around the belly ring will still be slightly swollen and may still be developing a crust wear the ring inserts into your belly button. Make sure to follow all of your piercer’s advice on maintaining the piercing site and keeping the area clean.

When the time comes, and you are ready to change out your belly ring for another, make sure that the new ring has been sanitized and that the area around your piercing as well as your hands are clean. If an infection or oozing of any fluids develops, then, make sure to have your doctor take a look at it just to rule out possible infections. If you have waited patiently (we know it is hard!) you should be able to easily slide your old belly ring out and even clean the area in the shower with simple soap and water. Then, insert your newest and most fashionable belly ring into place and enjoy!

Happy Belly Ring Shopping,

The Belly Bling Fashionistas


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