Need to Tone Up the Tummy? Give These Ab Workouts a Try

bb photoYou’ve been to the piercing salon, you braved your way through the piercing gun, and you spent weeks cleaning your belly bling to ensure that it didn’t get infected. Maybe you’ve even already stocked up on the newest feather belly button rings and other dangling belly rings. This means you have officially earned the right to show off your studded stomach!

So what’s next? Take your confidence to the next level with a toned tummy. Don’t have time to hit the gym? Pick up a DVD or download one of these five ab workouts and you’ll be on your way to shaping up that tummy.

Denise Austin’s Shrink Belly Fat. If you aren’t an avid exerciser, this video is a solid start to a regular fitness routine. Denise shows you how to build your muscles with three different 15 minute workouts (do them all together or gradually work up to all three): Traditional Abs, Cardio Abs, and Athletic Abs. Don’t just sit there doing sit-ups; stand up and do some knee raises and torso-twist punches.

Cathe Friedrich Ab CircuitsIf you tend to get bored with the same old routine, check out this workout for a variety of ab circuits. Nothing is better for leaning out and sculpting muscles than shocking them with different exercises; you’ll get them all right here. Cathe’s site also makes it super easy to download- whether you want the entire workout or just segments. Working out with a buddy? There’s even a Partner Abs segment you can download.

Jazzercise: Dancin’ Abs. This video is not your normal workout. Despite the intermediate difficulty for 59 minutes, time will fly by. For this one, think more along the lines of Zoomba. Dancin’ Abs is a “dance aerobics” video, and there is no floor work involved! It’s a fun way to break your monotonous bodybuilding routine.

Jessica Smith’s 10 Pounds Down: Cardio Abs. How many times have you thought, if I just lost 10 pounds? Sometimes the littlest thing can yield the biggest reward. Try Jessica’s high impact aerobic choreography and tone up your entire body (Psst – don’t’ let the phrase “high impact” scare you, this one is relatively tame for high impact). Like a lot of our featured videos, this 79 minute workout can be broken up into three parts: Cardio, Interval segments, and abdominal floorwork.

Jillian Michaels’ Killer Abs. You’ve seen her tough love help tons of people out on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, now it’s your turn to benefit from Jillian’s expertise. This video lasts for 96 minutes and includes three different workouts that range from intermediate/advanced to flat out advanced. Start off with the easier workout, and by the time you’re fit enough to try the third you’ll be doing the same moves in half the time! Set and watch yourself break your abdominal exercise goals!

Now that you know our five favorite workouts for a tight tummy, what are yours?


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