Nautical Belly Rings

600x640_Anchors (3)
Nautical belly rings are always popular and as we get closer to summer we ask ourselves, “is it anchors aweigh or anchors away?” We want to take a few moments to clear this mystery up so this little phrase is never spelled wrong again. It’s understandable why one might think that the correct term is “away”. I mean you are removing something. But an anchor that is “aweigh” is one that has just begun to put weight on whatever is being used to hall it up. Now it’s all making sense, isn’t it? There are many other popular phrases and sayings that have nautical origins including; loose cannon, shake a leg and shiver my timbers. We know you’ll all sleep better tonight knowing that it’s Anchors Aweigh in the morning! In the meantime, check out the cool 600x640_Anchors (2)nautical themed body jewelry available at

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