March Madness & the Hare

March Madness

Shamrock 'Stache

Irish mustache anyone?


Perhaps it is only fitting that in the month St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated that the women’s team of the Fighting Irish would beat the Iowa Hawkeyes leading Notre Dame’s team to the Sweet Sixteen. Do you have March Madness? Around the Belly Bling offices, we have put away our St. Patty’s Day belly rings and traded them in for some basketball belly button rings. Maybe we did that too soon, at least for those of us who are cheering Notre Dames’ women’s basketball team.

March Madness Body Jewelry

March Madness? Cool your basketball fever with a tongue ring.

After next March Madness comes to a close and we usher March out like a lamb, hopefully, and not like a lion, we might be sad to say goodbye to the NCAA basketball frenzy of games. If you love basketball, it’s hard to welcome April.

No Eggs Included

Easter Bunny Belly Button Ring

March Madness & the Hare

However, we also have one more thing to close out the month of March. Some of us can’t help but get excited by hopping bunnies, dying eggs, and my personal favorite, the Cadbury Egg. Or maybe you like the yellow Peeps around this time of year? Here’s a fun little Easter tradition you can try out. Take a Peep and nuke it get for 5-10 seconds. The Peep will start to expand just so slightly. Really a Peep is just a shaped marshmallow. Smash your swollen and warm Peep inside some graham crackers with some Hershey’s chocolate and you have yourself a spring time treat that reminds you of the summer nights over the bonfire yet to come.

PEEPS Easter Treat

PEEPS, Credit: jimmybuoy

What’s Hot Right Now in Bling

The hot new bling trends right now are the basketball rings, the sweet bunny jewelry, and maybe some Irish Claddaugh’s (which are those clasped hands over a heart celebrated by those who are Irish or just Irish in spirit).

St. Patrick's Day Belly Ring

Irish Belly Love

What are you wearing right now with spring just around the corner?

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