Make a Statement: Word Belly Rings

Whether you’re turning a plain t-shirt into a stylish ensemble or merely adding a simple, sophisticated accent to your date night attire, jewelry is an easy way to make your outfit go from drab to fab.

Sometimes it’s even more than that; sometimes you want your jewelry to make a statement… that’s where the Belly Bling’s Word Belly Rings collection comes in.

We’ve got something for everyone. Don’t believe it? See for yourself. Here are the top naval rings guaranteed to boost your self-expression.


image of Belly Bling's word belly rings“Angel”   For the girl who’s an angel… or not. Why not let the world know you’ve got a flirty attitude and big ambitions? This dangling belly ring not only tells it like it is, but it boasts a sleek simplicity too. What more could you want?


image of USA word belly rings“USA”   For the patriots; to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Perhaps the flashiest example of our words belly ring collection, this jewelry shows off your pride. More than that, it is the perfect addition to any Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day wardrobe.


image of breast friends belly ring from“Breast Friends”   For the ones who have proven their friendship can survive anything. The breast cancer awareness BFF bling is both girly and glamorous, and after a rocky road you deserve a little pampering.


belly rings with words: cowgirl belly ring“Cowgirl”  For the girl you can take out of the rodeo, but you can’t take the rodeo out of the girl. You’re aware of the fact that cowboy boots are meant for more than just country concerts, and you’re proud of it! So next time you’re up on a horse, why not wear two hats?


image of pregnancy belly ring: baby on board bell ring from“Baby on Board”  When you’re pregnant you need to be extra careful with what bling you put in your naval piercing, but let’s be honest, those plain plastic tubes aren’t all that cute. Don’t settle for boring bling, show the world you are excited to have a “baby on board.”


Have an idea for some belly bling with words? Let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the website!

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