Industrial Barbells: Designing a Temple Fit for the Gods

feather barbell earringIf our bodies are a temple, why not decorate the walls?

As human beings we were born to stand out, and our bodies are the ultimate form of self-expression. Unfortunately, jewelry didn’t always offer the best “wallpaper” options.

What started out as stud earrings turned into hoops, dangles, gauges, and eventually industrial barbells. Just like studs gradually progressed to more adventuresome piercings, industrial barbell jewelry options have come a long way.

An industrial piercing used to only refer to two piercings in the upper ear cartilage connected by a straight, grey bar. Fortunately, those bulky industrial bars have evolved into some considerably more elegant options.

Finally, you can bling-out your industrial bars with everything from fuchsia gems to flowers, to feathers! Belly Bling offers a variety of means to adorn your industrial.owl barbell earring

Feeling reminiscent of last fall? We offer an owl-accented industrial barbell (‘Hoo’ knew those birds of prey would be the next big thing?!).

Looking for some less delicate options in industrial barbells? We’ve got you covered. Try a steel triple nautical star or machine gun industrial barbell.

machine gun barbell earringIndustrial piercings have been on the scene for a while now, and you’re reaping the benefits. In addition to the variety of industrial barbells, there are now different types of industrial piercings. In addition to vertical industrial piercings, horizontal industrial piercings and industrials that loop back through a rook piercing are also becoming popular.

With so many options it has never been easier to express yourself. So tell us, how do you decorate your temple with industrial barbells?



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