How to Get Soft Skin: 5 Easy Tips

PWhether you are or aren’t dreaming of a white Christmas, there’s no denying that as pretty as the snow is, winter weather does a number on your skin.  If you think about it it’s sort of a whammy: each time you step outside the dry, cold air robs skin of moisture; add the increased hand washing needed to avoid cold and flu viruses and it’s a no-win situation.

The worst part: not only is dry skin irritating, it also looks bad!  Imagine going to show off your belly bling and finding it surrounded by red, cracked skin… there’s nothing cute about that!

So, rather than hide your studded skin in shame this season, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some of the pros tips and tricks to keep you moisturized until March 20th (the first day of Spring).

1. Moisturize while your skin is, well, moist! No, this doesn’t mean beating your dryness to the punch, we’re talking about after you get out of the shower. Within five minutes of getting out of the shower lightly dry your skin off and apply lotion. This helps lock it in. PS – For the best effect don’t use lotion, try petroleum jelly.

2. Buy a humidifier – and actually use it! Most of us have one laying uselessly around the garage somewhere, so this idea should be easy to follow-through with. However, if you don’t already own one you can easily buy one for under $50. Having a humidifier around your home requires very little effort on your part (just add water occasionally) and provides a consistent moist environment.

3. Drink lots of water. Some of the best solutions are so simple, and this suggestion shouldn’t be news to anyone. Water is good for you, both inside and out. By drinking plenty of water it helps put some moisture back into your skin.

4. Check for certain ingredients in your lotion. Glycerin has a tendency to bring your body’s moisture towards the area of skin where it’s applied, and ceramides act to lock lotion in while soothing any irritation.

5. Watch what you’re wearing. You would be surprised how your clothes can harm your skin. Natural fibers are easier on dry skin than synthetic fibers (which tend to amplify your itch).

Those are our suggestions, now you tell us:  What are your tips for getting baby soft skin?




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