Hello Kitty Body Jewelry is the Cat’s Meow for Cute Kawaii Fashion

Hello Kitty Body Jewelry History

Hello Kitty body jewelry is the cat’s meow for cute Kawaii fashion in Japan and it is increasingly one of the hottest trends in fashion accessories as well as body jewelry worldwide.

Kitty White, the adorable bobtail white cat featured on all of the Hello Kitty body jewelry got her start in Japan as far back as 1974. She made her modeling debut on a vinyl coin purse where her image was nestled between a goldfish bowl and a bottle of milk. Hello Kitty body jewelry would not have risen as one of the cutest body jewelry trends if it were not for the creator Yuko Shimizu who was hired by the founder of Sanrio, Shintaro Tsuji, to create an adorable cartoon character. Tsuji hired many cartoonists to bring to life a line up of cute characters to adorn many different items, including the fashion accessories we have become accustomed to seeing on anyone who cares about fashion trends. Kawaii, in Japanese culture, is the adoration of the adorable. In other words, wearing something cute, like Hello Kitty body jewelry, is Kawaii. Characters like Hello Kitty are adorning everything in the Kawaii or cute world of Japanese culture. But cute fashion has become the new sexy and is now appreciated and worn worldwide. Hello Kitty clothing, Hello Kitty accessories, and Hello Kitty body jewelry has taken on the fashion scene full throttle as evidenced by the many celebrities who love wearing that adorable Kitty White.

Hello Kitty Body Jewelry & Celebrity Fashion

Hello Kitty is hot in celebrity fashion. Have you seen Paris Hilton in a fabulous Hello Kitty dress? Those red heels, big red earrings, and red hair clip make this a stand out fashion double take.

As you can see on most Hello Kitty body jewelry and other Hello Kitty apparel, Kitty White is always seen with a bright red bow. Hilton’s red accessories and jewelry accentuate the Hello Kitty trademark red bow. She’s a real life cute turned sexy Kitty White doppelganger.

It’s not just Paris Hilton that is getting in on the Hello Kitty craze. The queen of pop herself, Britney Spears is seen wearing Hello Kitty body jewelry like this adorable and sexy Hello Kitty necklace.

Britney knows how to make the cute Hello Kitty image sexy with her steamy and sultry eyes. With the right make-up, the right clothing, the right hair – a cute fashion accessory like a Hello Kitty necklace or Hello Kitty body jewelry such as Hello Kitty belly button rings, Hello Kitty micro-dermals, or even a Hello Kitty tongue ring can increase the sexiness of your overall look. In this case with Britney and with anyone else who pairs the cute and sexy mash-up into their style, the combination of cute with sexy increases the sultry sexiness of the overall look.

It is the contrast in image and form that makes this fusion of cute and sexy so desirable. It’s why sexy singers like Christina Aguilera to fashion models like Heidi Klum have been seen with Hello Kitty fashion accessories. This fashion fusion technique is examplified in the Hello Kitty tongue ring.

Get the Sexy Sanrio Hello Kitty Look

So, how do you get the sexy Sanrio Hello Kitty look? It’s simple. Decide which part of your body you want to highlight and get the Hello Kitty body jewelry that works for you. If you love the mash-up sexiness of a Hello Kitty tongue ring, you can flirt with Kitty White’s image on the tip of your tongue for fun and sexy games of peek-a-kitty-boo. Here you’ll find tons of Hello Kitty body jewelry – choosing your favorite will be the hard part. You can find Hello Kitty belly button rings, Hello Kitty nose rings, Hello Kitty micro-dermals, Hello Kitty tongue rings, and so much more Hello Kitty body jewelry for your fun, flirty, and always sexy cute fashion. How you turn the Hello Kitty body jewelry into the celebrity worthy hotness, is remembering to pair it up with the right sexy make-up (look at those sexy glossed lips above or Britney Spears’ eyeshadow) with the right sexy hairstyle, and the right sexy clothing. Add your cute Hello Kitty body jewelry and you have a crackling sexy fashion delight that is going to speak volumes. Hellooooo Kitty! Me-Ow!


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