Hayden’s Hair: Bold Bangs

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

At just 24 years old Hayden Panettiere has done a little bit of everything; prime-time television shows, animated movies, soap opera special appearances, and even video game voice-overs. This wide variety is fairly common for any starting starlet, trying to get a feel for what they’re good at, who their audience is, and what they like to do.

Now, after having spent nearly three-fourths of her life in front the cameras (debuting in 1994 on the soap opera One Life to Live), we like to think that Hayden has finally found her niche on the ABC hit series, Nashville.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

On Nashville Hayden plays Juliette Barnes, a spunky country singer with a great sense of style. Both on camera and off, Barnes (and Hayden) know how to rock their outfit and wear their hair.

In fact, unlike her many different roles, Hayden’s hair hasn’t changed too much over the years. The actress normally sports medium to long length hair, more often than not it’s wavy, and her bangs are grown out… that was until last Wednesday.

Making a guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Hayden shocked her fans by showing off a new hairdo that included blunt bangs and straight hair.

Photos Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Even though Letterman didn’t mention her new haircut in the interview (did he even notice?), the media sure did. Gaining more exposure than the premiere of Season 2 of Nashville, bloggers and paparazzi alike have spent the past several days buzzing about the bangs.

But will we be seeing any more celebrities chopping off their long locks for clean-cut bangs? We think so. Geometric haircuts are on the rise this fall, meaning it’s just a matter of time before more Hollywood hotties follow suit. Props to Hayden for leading the way!

So tell us, what do you think of Hayden’s transformation from bangless beauty to a sharp cut star?

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