Flower Belly Button Rings

Flower Belly Button Rings


Buy A Pretty in Pink Flower Belly Ring

Pink Flower Belly Button Ring

Flower belly button rings are always the fashionable body jewelry go-to bling. Flower belly rings brighten up your navel for Spring and Summer outings to the beach. Flower navel rings bring perk to just your every day summer wear that shows off your mid-riff. With all the May flowers in bloom, why not show off your own bloom with a pretty in pink blooming flower belly button ring?

Dangling Flower Navel Rings

Buy Golden Flower Belly Rings

Rose Gold Dangling Flower Belly Ring

Dangling flower navel rings are a hot May trend for two reasons. May brings to mind flowers and Spring. Dangling flower belly rings are more fun to wear when you’re looking for high drama in your body jewelry. Dangling belly rings swing when you shimmy. So, sign up for a belly dancing class and learn to shake your fabulous shimmying hips while wearing a dangling flower belly ring.

Belly Dancing Swank

Non-Piercing Flower Belly Rings

New to the world of belly rings? You can test drive the dangling flower belly ring by wearing a non-piercing flower belly button ring. Yes, you read that right. You can actually get the look of a dangling flower belly button ring without even getting your navel pierced. One of our favorite non-piercing flower belly ring is this bright neon green flower belly ring.

Flowering Belly Ring for Non-Pierced Navels

Non-Piercing Flower Belly Ring

Now, you can be a flower belly ring diva without even having your belly button pierced. Belly bling is not just for the pierced fashionista, but now, everyone can wear a flower belly button ring with the hottest trend to hit the body jewelry market – belly rings for the non-pierced navels.

We want to hear back from you. What are your favorite flower belly button rings? Check out our blossoming garden beds over at BellyBling.net and pick some flower belly button rings. Make sure to tell us which flower belly button rings are your absolute must haves this May season!


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