Five Products for Piercings

new signWhen you get a new piercing the salon should hand you a paper containing their recommendations for safe and clean aftercare. Sometimes the paper will be more like a slip and other times it takes on the form of a book.

First and foremost, it’s important to mention that you should always follow your piercing artist’s advice. If they tell you not to use a product, it’s probably not appropriate for your piercing.

However, they’ve got their recommendations, and we’ve got ours. Ask your artist what they think about you using these products to supplement their cleaning instructions…


1. Sea Saltsalt

Soaking your piercing in sea salt water not only alleviates skin irritation, it speeds up the time it takes for your new hole to heal! Depending on where your piercing is, either soak it in the sea salt water or dab a soaked cotton ball over your piercing. The rule of thumb is for every 8 ounces of warm water, add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt. Note: DO NOT use table salt or ocean water. Table salt contains iodine, and ocean water has lots of bacteria.


2. H2Ocean Piercing Spray

As you probably know, new piercings can be really sensitive; for this reason, sprays like H2Ocean Piercing Spray are often the cleaner of choice. Simply spray your piercing three to four times a day with H2Ocean Piercing Spray. This product works to clean your piercing while gently removing any discharge. A mouth rinse is also available for oral piercings.


dr h

3. Dr. Piercing’s Hole-istic Care

Dr. Piercing does the work for you on this one. Instead of going to the store to round up all of the best skin-care products, now they come in an easy swab applicator! Dr. Piercing has several products to choose from, but this one has the most versatile remedies. Dr. Piercing’s Hole-istic Care contains saline solution, allantoin, panthenol, and aloe vera (finally, a product with ingredients we can pronounce). In a nutshell, these ingredients promote healing by decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow. It’s also a skin protectant.


4. Zinc & Vitamin C

This one isn’t so much a product, in fact, think of it as good advice. When you have a cold, Zinc and Vitamin C boost your immune system. When you have a new piercing, Zinc and Vitamin C promote healthy healing. What can we say? Some remedies work better from the inside than out!




5. Studex Piercing Care Solution

Studex just so happens to be the “World’s Largest Ear Piercing Manufacturer,” and this product is best left to pierced ears. Studex Piercing Care Solution works to keep both your piercing and jewelry clean, and is especially helpful when it comes to removing soap and shampoo residue after showers. Hey, if the name is world-renowned it’s good enough for us!





So there you have it! Know a great remedy that isn’t on our list? There are some tricks of the trade you just can’t find online. Please-  share your secret!


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