Ear Gauge Sizes Chart

Ear Gauge Size Chart

Ear Gauge Sizes in Order

Ear gauges sizes in order right here and right now! Keep all of those ear gauge sizes in order, finally, with this handy dandy fashionista ear gauge sizes chart made for you by us right here at BellyBling.net. You asked us, what are the sizes for ear gauges? We have answered with this ear piercing gauge sizes chart that illustrates all ear gauge sizes. This illustrated graphic is better than a list of ear gauge sizes. It visually shows you the progression of sizes for ear gauges so you can better understand your own ear gauge sizing in relation to all ear gauge sizes. Not only does it present to you an easy to understand infographic of ear gauge sizes, it gives you the ear gauge sizes in order from 14 gauge to 00 gauge. Not only does this ear gauge sizes chart show you ear gauge sizes, pictures of the sizes up to 00 gauge, it shows the ear gauge sizes after 00 gauge – on up to 1″.

Ear Gauges Sizes Chart

Ear gauges sizes chart in an easy to understand infographic? Yes, please. Print this ear piercing gauge sizes chart off if you plan on slowly stretching your gauge sizes. Ear plugs should be gradually increased. You can follow your progression with this infographic of all ear gauge sizes. Follow your progress of ear ear stretching with a list of ear gauge sizes and don’t forget to put together an ear stretching kit by using the sizes for ear gauges shown on the ear gauge sizing chart.

Gauge Ear Sizes for Yourself Now & Later

Gauge ear sizes for yourself now and later. In other words, if you plan on stretching your ear gauge sizes, plan ahead with the right ear gauges in the right ear gauges sizes. Map out where you want the ultimate ear gauge sizing to end. For example, let’s say you want to get to a 00 gauge and you are currently at a 14 gauge earring. That’s a long way to go. Map out from the beginning (14 gauge) to the goal of 00 gauge. What are all the ear piercing gauge sizes in between? All ear gauge sizes in between need to be purchased before you start your ear stretching adventure. Don’t skip an ear gauge size. Make a list of ear gauge sizes and get them. Alternatively, you could just buy one ear gauge size at a time as you slowly make your way into the ear stretching world.



  1. Jeffrey Horton says:

    I would say a variety of ear gauge size are available and one can select according to the need!!!

  2. Jeffrey Horton says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Yes I have been wearing ear gauges from last 8 years and recently I also got my eyebrow piercing.

    • lisa says:

      Fantastic! Ear gauges and eyebrow piercings are a lot of fun. You might enjoy checking out our Facebook page as well. They often have updates on the latest not just in belly rings, but in ear gauges and eyebrow piercings. BellyBling.net Facebook Page