Name Dropping: Designer Belly Rings

In the lyrics of recently re-united band, Fall Out Boy’s, hit “Sugar We’re Goin Down” Pete Wentz sings, “Drop a heart, break a name.” Well we say save the hearts, and drop a name!

Belly Bling offers a variety of big name designer belly rings that were created with your wallet in mind. Enjoy your favorite brands without breaking the bank!

Do you dream of Dior? Give in to your subconscious desires with a Dior Belly Button Ring. image of dior belly ring from belly bling

Other than the price tag, what do we love about this piece? It’s so obvious even a guy can understand. Let’s be honest, men don’t always appreciate labels and logos. Even if they can’t tell the difference between the American Eagle eagle and the Lacoste crocodile, when the name is spelled out in gemmed letters there is no way it will go unnoticed.

That said, there is one brand every good boyfriend should know… Tiffany. 29180-tiffany-inspired-fancy-gold-belly-ring-heart-lock_1_320We offer two Tiffany-inspired belly rings, a glass fish and a gold heart, lock and key. The Lock and Key is more your traditional Tiffany style, while the Glass Fish tests some 20619-tiffany-glass-fish-dangling-belly-ring_1_320new waters with bold colors and a quirky feel. But don’t take our word for it, head to the website and see for yourself!

Juicy Couture bling is the most diverse collection. With four different design and color combinations to choose from (all of which feature Juicy’s signature crown emblem), you can choose the belly bling that speaks to you.

Juicy Couture belly ring from bellybling.netWhile the average Juicy charm costs $48, Juicy Couture Belly Bling tops out at $15. Sport the crown and safe the cash! You don’t have to spend a fortune to show off your good tastes.

Not into Dior, Tiffany or Juicy? Maybe you’re more of a Baby Phat Fan. Try the Baby Fat Dangling Belly Button Ring. This bling features a gem-studded baby phat cat that is guaranteed to go purr-fectly with any outfit.image of baby phat belly ring from

To close, we’ll resort to another famous line, “What’s in a name?” Sorry Shakespeare, but in the world of fashion, a label says a lot!

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