Gettin’ Blingy With It: Cute Nose Rings

Nose rings have been around for quite some time, and by now this accessory has seen it all. Think about it, everything from kids wanting to rebel against their parents to the Pirates of the Caribbean revival.

Beloved as the classic nose hoop is, after all of its years in style it was due for a creative upgrade. Lately the nose hoop has become more than just a hoop, it’s a hoop adorned in gems, hearts, and pearls.

We’re thrilled to see this new trend: cute nose rings.

If you love to wear nose hoops but want to show off your feminine side, we nose hoop nose ring from bellybling.netrecommend the Heart Nose Hoop Ring. This is the best of both worlds, combining characteristics of the basic nose hoop with a dainty heart and gem. Like the style but purple isn’t your color? Try an aqua, pink or clear gem.

image of star nose ring nose hoop from BellyBling.netIf you want a nose hoop that features a charm but hearts aren’t your thing, try a Star Nose Ring. Made of sterling silver, it also comes in a variety of gems. Choose a classic color (as listed above) or shake things up with an iridescent gem.cute nose rings nose hoops from


If you would rather not have a gem, we also offer a Music Note Nose Ring and a  Flower Sterling Silver Hoop.

Now for those pearls! Mermaid tears, gems of the sea, whatever you want to image of pearl nose hoop nose ring from bellybling.netcall them, Pearl Nose Ring Hoops are an elegant twist on the classic accessory. Whether they’re on your ring or around a nose ring, pearls add a since of simple sophistication to any outfit. Try pink, blue, green, or buy one of each to coordinate with multiple colors and pieces in your wardrobe.

While we try to keep all of our Belly Bling affordable, we understand that you don’t always have the cash (especially with the holidays coming up). Like the idea of a cute nose ring (or two!) but don’t have it in the budget?

fake nose ring nose hoop from bellybling.netGood news, clip-on belly rings can also be used as nose rings! Why not recycle that old belly bling? Just make sure to clean the Non Piercing Naval Ring between different uses.

So what do you think: clean and classic nose hoop or a blingy cute nose ring? Send us a photo of you sporting your favorite type of hoop.

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