Country Charm: Belly Bling for the Rough Riders

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It’s no secret that throughout history women have had to work to have same rights as men, and women’s participation in the rodeo has been no exception. Fortunately, that’s where Annie Oakley came in.

Born a no-name girl in Ohio that wanted to break into a “man’s work,” Annie had her work cut out for her. Being the first real woman in rodeo, she wasn’t taken seriously during the beginning of her career. However, as time went on even the boys couldn’t ignore a woman who could handle a gun.

In 1885 Annie Oakley made a name for herself as the famous Buffalo Bill sharpshooter, known for her ability to hit glass balls in air. She not only did her career a favor, she did the little girls who wanted to play with something other than a doll a favor. The rest is history.

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That was over a century ago. Since then, not only have men come to realize (and adore) country girls, but fashion has embraced them as well…

Maybe it was all those hunky country boys, or maybe it was just the thrill of riding a horse, but this year brought back the cowgirl hats, buckles, boots, belts, and bags in a BIG way! So with all of those country clothes, couldn’t you use a little country charm?

Here are some of our favorite country girl accessories:

26072-horse-dangling-belly-ring-w-cz_1_320Horse-Loving Hottie: Nothing says country like the feel of wind blowing through your hair as your horse trots around an open field.  That’s why we love this Horse Danging Belly Ring. You can practically feel the wind as this cubic zarconia horse lifts his legs high to pick up speed.31776-cowgirl-hat-belly-button-ring_1_320

True Country: The Cowgirl Hat Belly Bling goes out to all those ladies who aren’t afraid of a little cowgirl hat hair. Afterall it is a way of life, so show off your support.

31785-country-cowgirl-belly-ring_1_320Country Music Fan: Being country isn’t always about the horses and getting your boots dirty. This Country Cowgirl Belly Ring pays homage to the women who are in it for those story-telling tunes (better yet the ones who can pick up a guitar and go to town themselves).


Can’t decide on just one country belly ring? Our pack of eight country belly button rings is the answer! You’ll have one for every day of the week, plus Saturday night too. Yeeehaw!




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