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The Deal with Daith Piercings

glamorous lip ringPeople have been expressing themselves through piercings for centuries.  In fact the first known nose piercing took place around 4,000 years ago. Then to now, the piercing world has come a long way. For example, did you know the first model of a piercing gun was patented in 1880? Imagine getting your ears pierced before that time… Ouch!

While some practices have been around forever, others haven’t even been around since the 80’s (and let’s face it, that was forever ago).  Daith piercings first hit the scene in 1992, but while they’ve been around for a while most people still don’t know that much about them. Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions:

What is a daith piercing?ssssss

When you hear cartilage, what comes to mind? Odds are you think of the top outer rim of your ear. A daith piercing is also located on your ear cartilage; however, it’s specifically on the piece of ear cartilage located between your ear canal and tragus.

Why is it called a daith piercing?

If you think the word “daith” sounds like the word “death,” don’t fear. It’s probably just because you don’t know Hebrew. In Hebrew daith translates to the word daath, which means knowledge. What does this have to do with an ear piercing? Given the location, daith piercings were originally considered to be a lure of knowledge. Basically they let important information in while keeping nonsense out.

What type of jewelry can be worn in a daith piercing?

image of daith earring from bellybling.netYou can wear nearly any type of earring in a daith piercing, except for something thatclip on fake cartilage earrings from dangles (but that would look funny anyways). A hoop is the most common earring worn in a daith piercing. This may attributed to the fact that it gives off the effect of coming out of your ear. Other popular bling is a rounded heart, such as the one featured on the left. While a heart and hoop our simple, you can really wear anything you want. You can buy hearts covered in gems or even scorpion shaped daith jewelry. You can also fake a daith piercing with a clip-on cartilage earring too.

Does getting a daith piercing hurt?

ssLike any piercing, it’s going to sting at first, and piercings located in the cartilage naturally hurt more than those located in your ear lobe. However, it’s certainly no worse than an industrial, and fortunately the location makes it easy not to bump it. As you’re probably aware, the less you irritate any new piercing the better it feels, so this is a big bonus!

Gettin’ Blingy With It: Cute Nose Rings

Nose rings have been around for quite some time, and by now this accessory has seen it all. Think about it, everything from kids wanting to rebel against their parents to the Pirates of the Caribbean revival.

Beloved as the classic nose hoop is, after all of its years in style it was due for a creative upgrade. Lately the nose hoop has become more than just a hoop, it’s a hoop adorned in gems, hearts, and pearls.

We’re thrilled to see this new trend: cute nose rings.

If you love to wear nose hoops but want to show off your feminine side, we nose hoop nose ring from bellybling.netrecommend the Heart Nose Hoop Ring. This is the best of both worlds, combining characteristics of the basic nose hoop with a dainty heart and gem. Like the style but purple isn’t your color? Try an aqua, pink or clear gem.

image of star nose ring nose hoop from BellyBling.netIf you want a nose hoop that features a charm but hearts aren’t your thing, try a Star Nose Ring. Made of sterling silver, it also comes in a variety of gems. Choose a classic color (as listed above) or shake things up with an iridescent gem.cute nose rings nose hoops from


If you would rather not have a gem, we also offer a Music Note Nose Ring and a  Flower Sterling Silver Hoop.

Now for those pearls! Mermaid tears, gems of the sea, whatever you want to image of pearl nose hoop nose ring from bellybling.netcall them, Pearl Nose Ring Hoops are an elegant twist on the classic accessory. Whether they’re on your ring or around a nose ring, pearls add a since of simple sophistication to any outfit. Try pink, blue, green, or buy one of each to coordinate with multiple colors and pieces in your wardrobe.

While we try to keep all of our Belly Bling affordable, we understand that you don’t always have the cash (especially with the holidays coming up). Like the idea of a cute nose ring (or two!) but don’t have it in the budget?

fake nose ring nose hoop from bellybling.netGood news, clip-on belly rings can also be used as nose rings! Why not recycle that old belly bling? Just make sure to clean the Non Piercing Naval Ring between different uses.

So what do you think: clean and classic nose hoop or a blingy cute nose ring? Send us a photo of you sporting your favorite type of hoop.

Q&A: Surgical Steel Belly Rings

image of surgical steel belly ring from belly bling. If there are two metals that a girl knows anything about, they’re silver and gold. There is even a classic children’s holiday song devoted to them!

Now what about surgical steel? While it doesn’t flow off of your tongue quite as easily as silver and gold, this metal is growing in popularity. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re wearing surgical steel bling right now and you just don’t know it.

Find out what you’ve been missing out on (or learn a little more about your current bling) with this Q&A about surgical steel belly rings and all of our surgical steel body jewelry.

Q: What makes surgical stainless steel different?

A: The American Academy of Dermatology has found that as the number of people with body piercings increases so does the number of metal allergies. This is because most metals used in studs contain irritating alloys. Surgical stainless steel, on the other hand, is made from the finest quality grade steel, and as a result it is less likely to cause skin irritation.

Q: Will surgical steel belly rings wear down over time?

A: Any jewelry you wear is going to be susceptible to your environment, but compared to other metals, surgical steel is more resistant to rust and oxidation. This means your jewelry will hold that new silver-shine look even longer! Not only that, but surgical steel is durable. While it is possible to scratch it, a light accidental nick here or there shouldn’t leave anything noticeable.

Q: Is surgical steel jewelry more plain or basic than other types of jewelry?

A: Not at all; we would never recommend that you wear jewelry that lacks style. Don’t let the name turn you off. Though “surgical steel” may sound like something that you expect to see in an operating room (it is the very same steel used in medical procedures), Batman bling and a Crystal Flower Twist Belly Ring definitely belong out on the town! If those options aren’t your style, take a look at the rest of our surgical steel selection.

Q: Is surgical steel more expensive?

A: Given all of these benefits you would think that it would be, but the answer is no. Like any belly bling, earring, or gauge you might buy, the price is going to vary based on the design complexity, gems, charms, etc. However, surgical steel belly rings are no more expensive than titanium, and it’s certainly cheaper than gold!

Q: How can I easily identify surgical steel jewelry over other metals on

A: You have two options. 1) Simply type “Surgical Steel” into the Keyword Search Bar. 2) Look for 316L Surgical Steel under any product description.

So, now you know more about surgical steel belly rings and body jewelry. If there are any other types of jewelry you’d like to learn more about, we’re here to answer your questions. Let us know!

Boo! Halloween Belly Rings

Halloween is almost here, and before you know it little kids will be putting on their witches’ hats and cartoon masks and showing up at your door begging for candy! It’s a time-honored tradition and the highlight of any little kid’s month… but why should they have all of the fun?

Whether you think you’re too old to dress up or you have the perfect costume planned, we’ve got Halloween belly rings for every personality!

image of halloween belly ringSimply seeking something cute to add a little holiday spirit? Try the Glowing Ghost. Since Halloween parties are almost never held during the day, this ghost is a fun surprise for all!

Why We Love It: When the glowing ghost isn’t lit up the glow in the dark coloring goes well with any outfit.


image of spiderman halloween belly ring from bellyblingPerhaps you’re looking for something a little creepier? This Dangling Spiderman Belly Button Ring is a Halloween classic that shows you’re not a girly girl and you’re not afraid of a little bug with eight legs (or a haunted house).

Why We Love It: What’s to love about this belly bling? More like what’s not to love. Whether you’re trying to look scary or stylish, black and a blood red gem fits the bill.


image of pirates Halloween belly rings from bellybling.netLots of Halloween costumes require more than one person: The Shining twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2, you get the idea. So why not invite your friend to join you in wearing BFF Halloween naval rings? Skull & Crossbones “Best Mates” bling may not be the scariest thing, but who wants to celebrate friendship with something that could scare a child?

Why We Love It: Best friends are always in style!


Belly Bling Halloween belly ringsSome people take Halloween a little more serious than others. Some think it’s a great excuse to be someone else for a night, and others run around the cemetery and say seance. If you’re like the latter then this Skull & Flames naval ring is the perfect match.

Why We Love It: This says you’re not messing around! You’ll  be sure to get everyone’s attention and let them know you prefer tricks over treats.


No Naval Piercing?
Just because you don’t have your belly button pierced doesn’t mean we’re about to leave you out of the fun! Did you pierce your tongue instead? Try one of these stainless steel Skull Barbells. Halloween is a great excuse to switch up your normal wardrobe, so why go with a boring stud like you do the other 364 days in the year? skull tongue ring from belly bling

Don’t have a tongue piercing either? What about gauged ears? We recommend a Glow in the Dark Gauge. These gauges are a good option because they have that Halloween signature glow yet you can wear them year round!glow in the dark ear gauge from belly

How does your bling compliment your costume or outfit? We want to see! Send us your photos!

Last but not least, Happy Halloween from your friends at Belly Bling!


Name Dropping: Designer Belly Rings

In the lyrics of recently re-united band, Fall Out Boy’s, hit “Sugar We’re Goin Down” Pete Wentz sings, “Drop a heart, break a name.” Well we say save the hearts, and drop a name!

Belly Bling offers a variety of big name designer belly rings that were created with your wallet in mind. Enjoy your favorite brands without breaking the bank!

Do you dream of Dior? Give in to your subconscious desires with a Dior Belly Button Ring. image of dior belly ring from belly bling

Other than the price tag, what do we love about this piece? It’s so obvious even a guy can understand. Let’s be honest, men don’t always appreciate labels and logos. Even if they can’t tell the difference between the American Eagle eagle and the Lacoste crocodile, when the name is spelled out in gemmed letters there is no way it will go unnoticed.

That said, there is one brand every good boyfriend should know… Tiffany. 29180-tiffany-inspired-fancy-gold-belly-ring-heart-lock_1_320We offer two Tiffany-inspired belly rings, a glass fish and a gold heart, lock and key. The Lock and Key is more your traditional Tiffany style, while the Glass Fish tests some 20619-tiffany-glass-fish-dangling-belly-ring_1_320new waters with bold colors and a quirky feel. But don’t take our word for it, head to the website and see for yourself!

Juicy Couture bling is the most diverse collection. With four different design and color combinations to choose from (all of which feature Juicy’s signature crown emblem), you can choose the belly bling that speaks to you.

Juicy Couture belly ring from bellybling.netWhile the average Juicy charm costs $48, Juicy Couture Belly Bling tops out at $15. Sport the crown and safe the cash! You don’t have to spend a fortune to show off your good tastes.

Not into Dior, Tiffany or Juicy? Maybe you’re more of a Baby Phat Fan. Try the Baby Fat Dangling Belly Button Ring. This bling features a gem-studded baby phat cat that is guaranteed to go purr-fectly with any outfit.image of baby phat belly ring from

To close, we’ll resort to another famous line, “What’s in a name?” Sorry Shakespeare, but in the world of fashion, a label says a lot!

Make a Statement: Word Belly Rings

Whether you’re turning a plain t-shirt into a stylish ensemble or merely adding a simple, sophisticated accent to your date night attire, jewelry is an easy way to make your outfit go from drab to fab.

Sometimes it’s even more than that; sometimes you want your jewelry to make a statement… that’s where the Belly Bling’s Word Belly Rings collection comes in.

We’ve got something for everyone. Don’t believe it? See for yourself. Here are the top naval rings guaranteed to boost your self-expression.


image of Belly Bling's word belly rings“Angel”   For the girl who’s an angel… or not. Why not let the world know you’ve got a flirty attitude and big ambitions? This dangling belly ring not only tells it like it is, but it boasts a sleek simplicity too. What more could you want?


image of USA word belly rings“USA”   For the patriots; to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Perhaps the flashiest example of our words belly ring collection, this jewelry shows off your pride. More than that, it is the perfect addition to any Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day wardrobe.


image of breast friends belly ring from“Breast Friends”   For the ones who have proven their friendship can survive anything. The breast cancer awareness BFF bling is both girly and glamorous, and after a rocky road you deserve a little pampering.


belly rings with words: cowgirl belly ring“Cowgirl”  For the girl you can take out of the rodeo, but you can’t take the rodeo out of the girl. You’re aware of the fact that cowboy boots are meant for more than just country concerts, and you’re proud of it! So next time you’re up on a horse, why not wear two hats?


image of pregnancy belly ring: baby on board bell ring from“Baby on Board”  When you’re pregnant you need to be extra careful with what bling you put in your naval piercing, but let’s be honest, those plain plastic tubes aren’t all that cute. Don’t settle for boring bling, show the world you are excited to have a “baby on board.”


Have an idea for some belly bling with words? Let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the website!

Game On: NFL Belly Rings

image of NFL belly rings from BellyBling.netWhen: Sunday, February 2, 2014
Where: MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ
Who: TBD

Sunday, September 22, marked the first day of fall, and as everyone knows, fall season is football season! That’s right; we’re only a few short months away from the greatest game in football history, Super Bowl XLVIII (since we know you’re wondering, that’s no. 49).

With the preseason now long behind us, September is a crucial time for members of the NFL to get out there and show the rest of the league what they’re made of! But we know the players aren’t the only ones preparing for the big game. While they’re busy hitting in the gym and practicing plays, it’s your chance to draft the best in fantasy football, start those game-winning rituals, and cheer your team to their initial victories!

Whether you’re rooting for the underdog or last year’s champions, Belly Bling has got you covered with NFL Belly Ringsimage of NFL belly ring

Choose from 13 different teams, dangles or curved barbells, helmets or mascots; just don’t leave your NFL heroes hanging! With just 17 games per team in the regular season, each win counts.

So who will take home the trophy this year? The most wins so far goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have been Super Bowl Champions six times, but the San Francisco Giants and Dallas Cowboys are close behind with five wins each.

Do you think this will be the year that the Giants and/or Cowboys catch up?

Cast your vote by sending us a photo of your favorite football team bling!

Busting Belly Piercing Myths

belly piercing For the past 10 years, MythBusters has taught us everything from the falseness of the “5 Second Rule” to the plausibility that a baseball player’s eye black actually diminishes the sun’s glare. But while we love Adam and Jamie for keeping us entertained, the show’s predominantly male cast hasn’t put any piercing myths to the test. That’s where we come in…


Myth: It’s best to get your belly button pierced in the summer
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Odds are in the summertime you’ll want to show off your new bling with slightly shorter tops and two-piece swimsuits. Unfortunately, short tops mean sun exposure, and you shouldn’t go swimming (in a pool, river, or ocean) for at least six weeks once you get a piercing. Keep your new piercing clean and safe from the elements. Avoid the temptation, enjoy your summer in the water, and wait a few months to get your belly button pierced.

Myth: Anyone can get a belly ring
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Everybody, and every body, is different. Some people’s belly buttons are naturally better suited for a piercing. You need to have the right shape to get a traditional top belly button piercing, so ask your piercing artist if your body is compatible.

Myth: You can choose any type of belly ring to wear when you get your belly button pierced, so long as you leave it in for the suggested amount of time
Finding: Busted

Explanation: It takes your body awhile to get used to a new piercing. As a result, there is an initial period of swelling. In order to avoid complications you should give your new hole room to accommodate for this swelling, and curved barbell belly bling has just the right shape and length to give your new piercing a little free reign as it gets used to your new accessory. While we know there is a LOT of cute bling to choose from, hold off to guarantee a healthy heal.

Myth: Putting Neosporin or any other antibacterial lotion on a belly piercing will help it heal faster
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Neosporin, and lotion in general, can get stuck in the hole. Even if you only put a little on and think you’re doing a good job of cleaning it out, you might be surprised. Lotion residue stuck in your piercing can trap bacteria, and that’s the last thing you need! If you still aren’t convinced, bacteria or no bacteria, the piercing needs to breathe in order to heal properly… which is difficult to do if it’s caked in lotion.

Myth: If your piercing does get infected, you should take out the jewelry
Finding: Busted… sort of

Explanation: First and foremost, if your belly piercing is infected you should consult your piercing salon. They’ll probably ask you a few questions (maybe even have you come in for a consultation) and then gauge the severity of your infection. If the salon thinks it’s necessary, they may tell you to remove the jewelry. However, in most cases there are cleaning solutions and things you can do to keep removing the jewelry a last resort. Yes, if you take the jewelry out your hole will close, and you may find yourself starting the whole process all over again.

When you get a new piercing, whether it’s your ears, your belly button, or your eyebrow, knowledge is key. Hopefully we were able to answer some of your questions that Adam and Jamie haven’t covered on their hit show and that you’ll have a positive piercing experience as a result! Be sure to check, for more belly & navel piercing info.



Picture Perfect: 6 Tips for Looking Great in Pictures

photoSchool is back in session! The downside, you have more homework. The upside, more friends around means more opportunities to hang out and take pictures!

So how do you guarantee that you won’t become the laughing stock of your next girls’ night out photo shoot? Try these six tips and tricks of the trade and you’ll be looking great in pictures.

1.    Keep your tongue behind your teeth. We love this trick because it’s so simple. This will help the muscles in your face relaxed, giving you a more natural smile.

 2.    Keep yourself level with the photographer. If the camera is pointed up to your eyes, you may find yourself wondering when you grew a double chin. Hopefully the photography won’t shoot at this angle, but if he/she does you can always lower yourself to that level. Another way you can slim down your chin is to extend your neck. To create this effect, push your chin out an extra inch.

 3.    Don’t put your hand(s) on your hips. Every girl has at least one photo where they’re rocking the hip hand (dubbed the “arm triangle of insecurity”), but it doesn’t always translate well on camera, and instead comes across as fake and posed. For a more natural look, hold your shoulder back a bit and bend your arms away from your chest. The angle of your arms is the same idea as having your hand on your hip, but it looks a lot better!

 4.    Watch the makeup. Not only does the camera add 10 pounds, but it will also bring out your eye shadow and blush. The moral of the story, go easy on the makeup to avoid looking overdone.

 5.    Angles, angles, angles. Tilting your head just slightly to one side can have a major impact on your photo. Why? It’s all about the eye! We’re not talking about your eyes in the photo, but the way your eyes view the photo. When you’re looking directly at the camera, your eye tends to look left to right as you skim the resulting picture. However, when your head is tilted your eye will start at your neck and work its way up, making you look thinner. Neat, huh?

 6.    Clothing is key. While fine in person, patterns don’t make anyone look their best on film. For that reason, stick to solid colors. Now about those solids… Reds and pinks are great for grabbing attention, but if its weight you’re worried about, blacks, browns and deep purples will make you look skinnier.


All Eyes on You: Eyebrow Rings

What body part do you think men notice first when they look at a woman? According to several recent surveys, most men look at a woman’s eyes before anything else (or at least that’s what they’ll admit to).

If eyes really are a woman’s feature first impression, then why not flirt a little? Jazz up your eye imprint with one of our favorite eyebrow rings!

Summer Stripes UV Eyebrow Ring

Summer Stripes Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Even though summer is a memory, fun-in-the sun can live on with this eyebrow ring featuring a whimsical pattern and a variety of bright eye-catching colors. Better yet, it a cheap belly ring! At 99 cents a piece you can afford to buy a few to match several outfits.



Double Gem Eyebrow Ring

Double Gem Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Simple, its classic! You can’t go wrong with a basic eyebrow ring; choose from nine different gems to match your shirt or compliment your eye color.



Short Spear Eyebrow Ring

Short Spear Eyebrow Piercings RingWhy we love it: The short spear eyebrow piercing ring is unique. It’s a little rebellious but not so much that your mom will object. Plus it’s made out of surgical steel, so it looks good with almost anything.



Titanium Eyebrow Ring

Titanium Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Colored titanium naturally has a night life glow, meaning it still works in low light settings. Also, because these rings are made of titanium they will cause less pull on your piercing (titanium is 40 percent lighter than steel).



Silver Dolphin Eyebrow Rings

Silver Dolphin Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Unlike owls, dolphins are one of those creatures that never go out of style. This eyebrow ring is sweet and simple. It also conjures up images of warm, sandy locales, even as the temps are dropping and the leaves are turning.



Spiked UV Flexible Eyebrow Ring

Spiked UV Flexible Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: When you find a piece of jewelry you like, you don’t want just one. Our spiked UV flexible eyebrow ring lets you switch up the color while keeping the design you love, and at just $.99 you can afford to get a couple!



Gold Crystal Gem Eyebrow Ring

Gold Eyebrow RingsWhy we love it: Gold is hot, hot, hot. And while real gold belly button rings can be spendy, this one boasts the high end look of gold at an every-day price. A crystal accent adds a pop of color.