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Flashback Style: Neon

They say what goes around comes around, and while we can only hope this applies to karma, we know it applies to style! So what’s this season’s fashion flashback? Neon!

Why do we love it? As an article of clothing, it makes a statement. As an accessory, it is the perfect accent!

Here are some of our favorite examples of how you can incorporate these classic tones into your wardrobe today. The best part? The prices are reminiscent of the 80s…. pick up each for under $10!

Eye Shadow: L’Oreal Colour Riche Shadow

300Eye shadow palettes are great for mixing and matching to create a shade that is all your own, and this palette from L’Oreal contains four colors so you can complement and contrast as you wish! Highlight your brown eyes with purple eye shadow, then add a little green on top for extra flare. $8 to play makeup artist? Yes, please.




Belly Button Bling: Neon Titanium Belly Button Rings

neon belly button ring from belly bling

These titanium belly rings are an easy way to add a little pizazz, whether you’re headed to the beach for the day or to the club at night. A neon belly button ring can be shiny and showy or subtle and sexy; it all depends on what you wear with it! Available in  blue, pink and green, each also feature a gem for some extra sparkle. These curved barbells are only $8 apiece. Dangling neon belly rings are $10.




Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Hey, if it’s good enough for Rihanna then it’s good enough for us! By now we all know you don’t have to spend like a celebrity to get the look of a celebrity. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor comes in a variety of neon shades ranging from “Brazen Berry” to “Electric Orange.” Better yet, at less than $6 a pop you can afford to try a couple of your favorites.





Nail Polish : American Apparel Neon Nail Polish

polishRight now neon’s so popular that even American Apparel decided to come out with a neon nail polish. Choose from eight different colors guaranteed to mash and clash perfectly with your wardrobe. Whether you’re feeling a little blue or vivacious violet, take your pick for $6.




The best thing about neon is that you can wear one bold accessory, or combine a few accents to suit your style.

Those are some of our favorite examples of how these hot 80’s shades have made their way into the 21st Century. Now tell us, how does neon fit into your look?


What’s Hot: In-N-Out Split Belly Rings


Split Belly Button Rings

image of lizard belly ring, in and out belly ringWarning: This lizard does bite! Side effects include a playful demeanor, compliments, and increased attractiveness.

Remember when you vacationed in Florida and saw all of those little reptiles running along the boardwalk? Now you can take one with you. These guys are literally charming! Show off your wild side, and your belly bling, with a split lizard belly ring.

In-and-Out belly rings- also called split belly rings- are trending right now, and we can see why. They’re designed to look like they’re crawling through you, one with you (which makes sense considering your belly button piercing is part of your body).

Not only are these split lizard belly rings cute, but there is a story behind the lizard. Lizards are known for two things:

  1. Their ability to shed their old tails and grow a new one
  2. Their quick reaction times

Because of these associations, the lizard has come to symbolize letting go of things that we no longer need or that we have outgrown. In turn, they’re about moving on, growing up, and constantly striving to get what you want out of life.

Don’t get me wrong, belly button studs and hoops are always in style, but if you really want to grab attention and tell someone about you, try a lizard split belly ring. We have a few more to choose from- a chameleon, a gecko, even a dragonfly belly ring- you can find them on our Non-Dangle Belly Rings page.

If you’ve picked up one of these fun little guys, let us know! Send us a selfie!

Split Belly Button Rings

Split Belly Button Rings


Trend Alert: Spiral Belly Rings

We’re well into summer now, and that means more time by the pool, more time soaking up the sun, and more opportunities to flaunt your belly rings. If you’re looking for a new way to highlight that body you’ve worked so hard for, don’t miss some of our newest long spiral belly button rings.

Traditional spiral belly rings were based on a simple barbell design twisted to be worn horizontally, but these new vertical twisted spiral belly rings stretch to new lengths- some are even about 2″ long!

These beauties can’t be covered up with a shirt, and why would you want to? This “twist” on the classic definitely makes a statement, adding pizzazz and personality to day in the sun.

As far as putting them in, it’s the same idea as putting in horizontal spiral belly rings. Take off the jewel, insert one end into the piercing, and gently twist (note: it’s not as scary as it looks, just ask YouTube).

We currently have simple gem-accented long twisted belly button rings like the one above, as well as some with a bit more bling in the form of sparkling flowers and hearts, but keep checking back for more styles soon. And as always, be sure and let us know if there’s a spiral twisted belly ring you’d like us to offer- leave a comment below or give us a shout out on our BellyBling Facebook page.

If you’d rather start out small with a more traditional twist belly ring, we have you covered with a range of styles: titanium, 14k gold, and glow in the dark belly rings, even multi-packs. Give this page a click to see them all: Spiral Belly Button Rings.

Spiral Belly Button Rings

Twice as Nice: Double Belly Button Piercing

girl in bikini with double belly button piercingSo, you’ve had your belly ring piercing for a while now and you’re ready to add some more bling. Or maybe you haven’t had your belly piercing done yet and want to go for maximum impact. Either way, you might want to consider doubling up- two piercings!

The most common double belly button piercing is to have one on the top and one on the bottom. Another option is to get a piercing on each side. Both are great ways to wear two belly rings at the same time, so you can flaunt coordinating colors or themes. Wear a non-dangling starfish belly ring on top and dangling anchor belly ring on the bottom for a cute summer look. Are you a cowgirl at heart? Pair a cowboy boot belly ring with horse belly ring and you’re set.

country girl with double belly piercing

Or if you’re wild about feather belly rings, you can wear one on each side with a side-by-side double belly button piercing.

Having a piercing on top and on bottom is also a great way to add visual impact without having to always wear dangling belly rings because two piercings will visually add length.

And if two piercings are still not enough, multiples are also possible: three piercings across the top and one on the bottom creates a super cool look, or one on each side and on the top and bottom to create a cross pattern which is sometimes called a cage… the options are endless.

If you have a double piercing or multiples- send us your photos! We’d love to see just how you wear your belly bling.

Trending: Anchor Belly Ring

anchor belly ringAhoy! Summer’s here and what better time for a new anchor belly button ring that’s reminiscent of the water, surf, and sand? Add in the sparkle of cool aqua or shimmering white stones atop the trendy anchor shape and you’ve got some bling that’s sure to turn heads.

While anchor jewelry is a hot trend now for its super cute style, there is also some pretty cool symbolism behind an anchor- it’s a traditional symbol of hope, stability and steadfastness. When an anchor is dropped from a ship, it is grounding itself and creating a foundation for rest from the tides and waves. Some anchor designs also have a ship’s wheel (called a helm) which can symbolize being in control of your own destiny. An anchor belly ring is the perfect way to show off your beliefs of hope, calm, and serenity.

Anchor belly rings also fit right in with the nautical style that’s hot this summer: wear one to accent a crisp navy stripe crop top, bring a little added attention to a pair of bold red shorts, or rock a white hot bikini. Nautical styles are usually thought of as classic or timeless- what better way to update it than with a sexy anchor belly ring?


Top 4 Swimsuit Trends & Belly Rings for 2013

Summer is just around the corner and not only are the music styles changing, so is the swimwear. As styles change, so will your accessories. What better way to show off your abs and belly than to add some bling to your bikini? With all the different styles you are probably wondering, what do I wear? Well, we have some solutions for you!

Swimsuit Trend #1 – Vintage

Vintage cuts are coming back with a vengeance that is going to show off the older 1950’s style with modern prints and cuts. This look brings back the old-fashioned style of not baring it all. The bikini bottoms look more like shorts with a high waist. This makes for a more comfortable style that you can wear anywhere.

Accessorize your vintage style bikini with a vintage belly button ring.

Accessorize your vintage style bikini with a vintage belly button ring.

Vintage Bling:

Vintage style belly rings such as the Antique Flower Hinged Belly Ring or an Elegant Pink Faux Pearl Dangling Belly Button Ring will add a classy yet sassy look.

Antique Flower Hinged Belly Ring & Dangling Elegant Pearl Belly Ring

Antique Flower Hinged Belly Ring & Dangling Elegant Pearl Belly Ring


Swimsuit Trend #2 – Mismatch

Another style that is a hot trend right now is the mismatched bottoms and tops. The best thing to do to achieve this look is to make sure they are completely different, giving you a carefree look that is sure to catch the eye. To take this style even further, add a belly ring that is mismatched as well!

Mismatch Bling:

One outrageously fun way to get the Mismatched look is to have a solid bottom, printed top, and Candy Stripe Belly Button Ring or a Checkered Belly Button Ring. There are thousands of ways to mismatch your bathing suit – the looks are endless!

Mismatch your belly button ring to your mismatched bikini.

Mismatch your belly button ring to your mismatched bikini.


Swimsuit Trend #3 – Bold Prints

Prints are back! Wild animal prints and bold prints are making a comeback this year. What better way to accessorize your swimsuit than with the many animal print belly button rings available from zebra to leopard, in tons of bright colors.

Animal print and neon belly button rings rock the bold print bikinis!

Animal print and neon belly button rings rock the bold print bikinis!

Bold Bling:

Bold prints add sass and you can easily show off your belly with belly rings in bold sassy colors. Try neon belly button rings.


Swimsuit Trend #4 – Fringe

If you’re a fan of the old cowboy or cowgirl look, you will love that fringe is in! Fringe on the top, fringe on the bottom – who cares, as long as there is fringe somewhere!

Country belly button rings go great with fringe bikinis.

Country belly button rings go great with fringe bikinis.

Fringe Bling:

Country Belly Button Rings and Western Belly Button Rings are a perfect fit for your fringe bikini. If you don’t want too much dangling from your navel, go with a non-dangle belly button ring such as a simple Double Gem Belly Ring to add some sparkle, or a non-dangle animal print navel ring to give you more of a tribal fringed look.

Keep it simple and add some sparkle with a non-dangling belly button ring.

Keep it simple and add some sparkle with a non-dangling belly button ring.


Now that you are filled with swimsuit trend knowledge, time to GO SHOPPING! Pick up one of these trendy bikini styles and then stop by to get your matching bling!

Flower Belly Button Rings

Flower Belly Button Rings


Buy A Pretty in Pink Flower Belly Ring

Pink Flower Belly Button Ring

Flower belly button rings are always the fashionable body jewelry go-to bling. Flower belly rings brighten up your navel for Spring and Summer outings to the beach. Flower navel rings bring perk to just your every day summer wear that shows off your mid-riff. With all the May flowers in bloom, why not show off your own bloom with a pretty in pink blooming flower belly button ring?

Dangling Flower Navel Rings

Buy Golden Flower Belly Rings

Rose Gold Dangling Flower Belly Ring

Dangling flower navel rings are a hot May trend for two reasons. May brings to mind flowers and Spring. Dangling flower belly rings are more fun to wear when you’re looking for high drama in your body jewelry. Dangling belly rings swing when you shimmy. So, sign up for a belly dancing class and learn to shake your fabulous shimmying hips while wearing a dangling flower belly ring.

Belly Dancing Swank

Non-Piercing Flower Belly Rings

New to the world of belly rings? You can test drive the dangling flower belly ring by wearing a non-piercing flower belly button ring. Yes, you read that right. You can actually get the look of a dangling flower belly button ring without even getting your navel pierced. One of our favorite non-piercing flower belly ring is this bright neon green flower belly ring.

Flowering Belly Ring for Non-Pierced Navels

Non-Piercing Flower Belly Ring

Now, you can be a flower belly ring diva without even having your belly button pierced. Belly bling is not just for the pierced fashionista, but now, everyone can wear a flower belly button ring with the hottest trend to hit the body jewelry market – belly rings for the non-pierced navels.

We want to hear back from you. What are your favorite flower belly button rings? Check out our blossoming garden beds over at and pick some flower belly button rings. Make sure to tell us which flower belly button rings are your absolute must haves this May season!


March Madness & the Hare

March Madness

Shamrock 'Stache

Irish mustache anyone?


Perhaps it is only fitting that in the month St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated that the women’s team of the Fighting Irish would beat the Iowa Hawkeyes leading Notre Dame’s team to the Sweet Sixteen. Do you have March Madness? Around the Belly Bling offices, we have put away our St. Patty’s Day belly rings and traded them in for some basketball belly button rings. Maybe we did that too soon, at least for those of us who are cheering Notre Dames’ women’s basketball team.

March Madness Body Jewelry

March Madness? Cool your basketball fever with a tongue ring.

After next March Madness comes to a close and we usher March out like a lamb, hopefully, and not like a lion, we might be sad to say goodbye to the NCAA basketball frenzy of games. If you love basketball, it’s hard to welcome April.

No Eggs Included

Easter Bunny Belly Button Ring

March Madness & the Hare

However, we also have one more thing to close out the month of March. Some of us can’t help but get excited by hopping bunnies, dying eggs, and my personal favorite, the Cadbury Egg. Or maybe you like the yellow Peeps around this time of year? Here’s a fun little Easter tradition you can try out. Take a Peep and nuke it get for 5-10 seconds. The Peep will start to expand just so slightly. Really a Peep is just a shaped marshmallow. Smash your swollen and warm Peep inside some graham crackers with some Hershey’s chocolate and you have yourself a spring time treat that reminds you of the summer nights over the bonfire yet to come.

PEEPS Easter Treat

PEEPS, Credit: jimmybuoy

What’s Hot Right Now in Bling

The hot new bling trends right now are the basketball rings, the sweet bunny jewelry, and maybe some Irish Claddaugh’s (which are those clasped hands over a heart celebrated by those who are Irish or just Irish in spirit).

St. Patrick's Day Belly Ring

Irish Belly Love

What are you wearing right now with spring just around the corner?

A Prom Fashion Fairy Tale

Operation School Bell Gives Teens a Fairy Tale Fashion Prom

Prom fashion is on every teenager’s mind. Knowing this, Operation School Bell and the Anne Banning Auxiliary of the Assistance League of Southern California has been making school easier for underprivileged and at risk kids for 45 years. A couple of weeks ago Operation School Bell with the help of the Fashion World’s very own Fairy Godmother, Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru made real life prom dreams become fairy tales by giving 38 teens the chance to try on prom dresses and fashion accessories with the help of Cojo and other volunteers. Perhaps, the pumpkin turned coach is that the prom dresses and fashion accessories were free thanks to Operation School Bell. Cojo is a fashion critic perhaps best known for helping American Idol contestants select new wardrobe pieces during 2003 and 2004.

Operation School Bell doesn’t just provide free prom dresses and prom accessories. The charitable organization assists 5,500 Los Angeles Unified School District’s students with new school clothes enabling and promoting school attendance.

Cojo the Fairy Godmother Rocks Prom Fashion

Modern Day Cinderella Prom Fashion

Cojo the Fairy Godmother of Prom Fashion via his Twitter Feed

Cojo tweeted about the event saying, “The next chapter for me will def have a giving back component. I’m modeling myself after Mother Teresa (but with great hair & veneers).” Well, Cojo, we applaud you and all the volunteers that made this fairy tale a reality for our real world Cinderellas by giving them a fabulous day of fashion while trying on prom dresses and other prom accessories, and while being cheered by a fashion critic icon. What an experience to give to so many beautiful Cinderellas!

Fashion Meets Fairy Tale with Free Prom Dresses & Prom Fashion Accessories

Imagine not having the funds to get that penultimate prom dress that you have been dreaming about since you were 12-years-old. Top off the cost of that princess prom dress with the added burden of prom shoes, the perfect prom clutch, and other prom accessories. The price tag for a fairy tale night at prom is mighty steep for any teen. For some, it is an impossible dream. Prom is held up as the coming of age experience for teens for generations. It’s probably why the 80’s movie Pretty in Pink is still inspiring prom fashions and prom accessories 27 years later. The Prom is the iconic event of a teenager’s life. This is why we applaud Operation School Bell for helping 38 teens feel like the Belle of the Ball.

Pretty in Pink 80s Prom Fashion

Pretty in Pink 80s Prom Fashion

For some of our favorite prom fashion jewelry, make sure to check out our very own Pretty in Pink inspired jewelry sets before your prom night.

Reverse Belly Button Rings Rev Up Style

Reverse Belly Button Rings

Reverse belly button rings are increasing in popularity for a reason. Why? Although it is usually recommended not to wear a reverse belly button ring when you initially get your navel pierced, many love to wear reverse belly button rings because in general, they are more comfortable than a dangling belly ring. More of the weight of heavy gems or other shield like charms are better supported by the reverse design. So, comfort is one important reason to wear reverse belly button rings.

Another reason many wear reverse belly button rings is to hide small imperfections in the belly piercing itself. Is your navel piercing slightly off? Slightly to the left or to the right? A shield style reverse belly ring can hide small imperfections. A large reverse navel ring is less likely to snag when it is not dangling so low. With a reversed dangle, it is lifted higher up on your navel and therefore, is less likely to snag or drag or simply get lost in the waist of your jeans, shorts, or skirts.

There is one more final reason to wear reverse belly button rings. Reverse belly button rings rev up your style.

Reverse Belly Button Rings Rev Up Style

Reverse belly button rings can be quirky or quintessential accessories. Here are a few of our favorite quirky reverse belly button rings that rev up your quirky style.

The top down snake belly button ring serves the quirky style you love to show off. The quintessential reverse belly button ring that you should not live without is the vintage chandelier top down reverse belly ring.


Reverse Belly Button Rings Bring on the Va-Voom

If you want to bring some va-voom to your belly, the reverse gold belly button rings takes the gold for big time va-voom.

Here is an up close shot of how the reverse belly button ring rests higher up on the navel.

Belly Shot

Up Close on the Reverse Belly Ring

Big style. Big on comfort. What’s not to love about reverse belly button rings? Tell us which ones you love in our comments and don’t forget to check out all of our reverse belly button rings for sale.