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‘Tis the Season for Bling: Christmas Belly Rings

There is nothing like sitting around watching a classic holiday movie marathon while drinking hot chocolate to get you in the spirit of the season! This is especially true for those days that it’s so cold you don’t want to step outside…

The problem with this lazy day plan is that many of us have a holiday party of some sort coming up, and whether its work related, school, or simply a gathering of our closest friends, we all want to find the perfect outfit.

So, while we can’t help you find the right shirt and shoes we can highlight some belly bling that allows you to add cheer to your outfit without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

christmas belly rings: image of Christmas belly ring from BellyBlingReindeer & Wreath Dangling Belly Ring. Just like Rudolf saved Christmas, the party really didn’t start until you showed up anyway. Be the light of the night with Rudolf-inspired bling. Not only is this little guy cute, but he is also nostalgic. Remember those days when you couldn’t wait for Santa to come? Just think, today’s kids are lucky enough to have a Santa Tracker!



image of snowflake belly ring from bellyblingShining Gems Snowflake Belly Ring. It’s no surprise that as we start to see more and more winter weather, the hashtag #movingtoFL starts to pick up speed. However, much like every snowflake is different every person is different, and there are plenty of people who love the snow. Well, this is for you. This sparkle-studded snowflake makes for a sweet, simple accent to whatever you decide to wear.



image of christmas belly rings: bow belly button ring from bellybling.netBow Belly Ring with Clear Gems. Sometimes you’re the present, and with this bow bling that special someone in your life will be sure not to forget it! Featuring both classic clear and pizzazz purple gems, choose the color that best fits the occasion, or try any of these other bow belly rings.




image of christmas belly rings from BellyBlingDangling Present Belly Ring. There are some years when you know exactly what to get the people in your life and there are some years you don’t. This goes both ways; sometimes it’s your wish list that’s hard to read. Fortunately, this present belly bling can help you get the conversation started. Not only that, but with all those tiny details it also makes for a great personal gift.

After working hard all year, don’t you deserve a little spoiling? What’s on your Belly Ring wishlist this year? 

Just In: 5 New Dreamcatcher Belly Rings

Maybe it’s the magic of Christmas, or maybe it’s some residual Halloween spirit, but either way dreamcatcher belly rings are in style this season!

Here at Belly Bling, we know that while you want to get in on the trend you also want your bling to stand out from the crowd. So while you see dream catchers everywhere, we’ve come up with five twists on the classic design that will make your belly bling the one people notice.


image of dreamcatcher belly ring from bellyblilng.netSteampunk Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring. That’s right, a steampunk dream catcher. As if the name doesn’t say it all, this dream catcher is unique in that it features an industrial-inspired center in addition to a gemmed blessing bead (see our article on Spiritual Style for blessing bead details). This piece brings the ancient Indian relic into the 21st century.



image of antique belly ring from bellybiling.netAntique Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring. Taking the trend in a completely different direction, throw it back to that “antiquey” look. This dream catcher is all about ornate details. While the hoop is made entirely of surgical steel and gems, the different line patterns convey every tone from grey to light blue. This piece is just plain pretty!



image of dream catcher belly ring from bellybling.netDreamcatcher Navel Ring. We said we have five new, different styles, and we meant it! This dream catcher bling is the complete opposite of the antique and steampunk belly bling; it’s very simple. Made of surgical steel and clear gems, this one leaves room for the wind (and good dreams) to blow through.




image of aqua dreamcatcher belly ring from belly blingAqua Dreamcatcher Navel Ring. Ok, so this one is obviously similar to the clear navel ring. However, the aqua tones tend to stand out more than clear gems, and it goes better with blue jeans. As you know, it all really depends on your individual style and what you’re looking for! Both feature the pretty, intricate crisscross pattern.




image of wolf dreamcatcher belly ring from belly blingWolf Dream Catcher Navel Ring. You see wolves on everything from posters to t-shirts, so why not belly bling?  In addition to the wolf, this dream catcher is different because the feathers don’t dangle. Instead they are part of the hoop, as is a turquoise-colored ball. A gem, wolf, gauge ball, and feathers, this belly ring has a little of everything.



What’s Hot: In-N-Out Split Belly Rings


Split Belly Button Rings

image of lizard belly ring, in and out belly ringWarning: This lizard does bite! Side effects include a playful demeanor, compliments, and increased attractiveness.

Remember when you vacationed in Florida and saw all of those little reptiles running along the boardwalk? Now you can take one with you. These guys are literally charming! Show off your wild side, and your belly bling, with a split lizard belly ring.

In-and-Out belly rings- also called split belly rings- are trending right now, and we can see why. They’re designed to look like they’re crawling through you, one with you (which makes sense considering your belly button piercing is part of your body).

Not only are these split lizard belly rings cute, but there is a story behind the lizard. Lizards are known for two things:

  1. Their ability to shed their old tails and grow a new one
  2. Their quick reaction times

Because of these associations, the lizard has come to symbolize letting go of things that we no longer need or that we have outgrown. In turn, they’re about moving on, growing up, and constantly striving to get what you want out of life.

Don’t get me wrong, belly button studs and hoops are always in style, but if you really want to grab attention and tell someone about you, try a lizard split belly ring. We have a few more to choose from- a chameleon, a gecko, even a dragonfly belly ring- you can find them on our Non-Dangle Belly Rings page.

If you’ve picked up one of these fun little guys, let us know! Send us a selfie!

Split Belly Button Rings

Split Belly Button Rings


We’ve Got Bling, Yes We Do, We’ve Got Bling- How ‘Bout You?

image of tuck jump cheerleader belly ringSchool may be out for the summer, but that means the season of cheer camps is just beginning. Whether this is your first year of cheerleading or you’ve been ruling the sidelines for a few years now, the coolest way to show off your cheer spirit after the game is with bling, of course- a cheerleader belly ring.

We’ve just added a bunch of new cheer belly button rings sporting classic cheer style: tuck jump, high kicktoe touch, spread eagle, C jump, poms, even a state champ belly ring if you’ve got an awesome achievement like that to shout about.image of high kick cheerleader belly ring

If there’s a strict rule about hiding your piercing during the games, check out our new invisible belly ring that’s flesh toned so you can easily take the spotlight off your belly piercing, without have to go without a ring.

Another great option is our clear belly button ring retainer. image of clear belly button ring It not only hides your piercing, but its lightweight flexibility makes it a great choice for an active game of jumps and stunts.  In fact, we’ve got a whole category of invisible piercing retainers and clear body jewelry- check them out if you’re thinking about a nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, or maybe a labret, but are concerned about having to hide it for cheer, school, or work.

If you’re a cheerleader, let us know if there are rules your squad has about wearing belly button rings during a game or practices. Give us a shout- we want to hear from you!

Top 4 Swimsuit Trends & Belly Rings for 2013

Summer is just around the corner and not only are the music styles changing, so is the swimwear. As styles change, so will your accessories. What better way to show off your abs and belly than to add some bling to your bikini? With all the different styles you are probably wondering, what do I wear? Well, we have some solutions for you!

Swimsuit Trend #1 – Vintage

Vintage cuts are coming back with a vengeance that is going to show off the older 1950’s style with modern prints and cuts. This look brings back the old-fashioned style of not baring it all. The bikini bottoms look more like shorts with a high waist. This makes for a more comfortable style that you can wear anywhere.

Accessorize your vintage style bikini with a vintage belly button ring.

Accessorize your vintage style bikini with a vintage belly button ring.

Vintage Bling:

Vintage style belly rings such as the Antique Flower Hinged Belly Ring or an Elegant Pink Faux Pearl Dangling Belly Button Ring will add a classy yet sassy look.

Antique Flower Hinged Belly Ring & Dangling Elegant Pearl Belly Ring

Antique Flower Hinged Belly Ring & Dangling Elegant Pearl Belly Ring


Swimsuit Trend #2 – Mismatch

Another style that is a hot trend right now is the mismatched bottoms and tops. The best thing to do to achieve this look is to make sure they are completely different, giving you a carefree look that is sure to catch the eye. To take this style even further, add a belly ring that is mismatched as well!

Mismatch Bling:

One outrageously fun way to get the Mismatched look is to have a solid bottom, printed top, and Candy Stripe Belly Button Ring or a Checkered Belly Button Ring. There are thousands of ways to mismatch your bathing suit – the looks are endless!

Mismatch your belly button ring to your mismatched bikini.

Mismatch your belly button ring to your mismatched bikini.


Swimsuit Trend #3 – Bold Prints

Prints are back! Wild animal prints and bold prints are making a comeback this year. What better way to accessorize your swimsuit than with the many animal print belly button rings available from zebra to leopard, in tons of bright colors.

Animal print and neon belly button rings rock the bold print bikinis!

Animal print and neon belly button rings rock the bold print bikinis!

Bold Bling:

Bold prints add sass and you can easily show off your belly with belly rings in bold sassy colors. Try neon belly button rings.


Swimsuit Trend #4 – Fringe

If you’re a fan of the old cowboy or cowgirl look, you will love that fringe is in! Fringe on the top, fringe on the bottom – who cares, as long as there is fringe somewhere!

Country belly button rings go great with fringe bikinis.

Country belly button rings go great with fringe bikinis.

Fringe Bling:

Country Belly Button Rings and Western Belly Button Rings are a perfect fit for your fringe bikini. If you don’t want too much dangling from your navel, go with a non-dangle belly button ring such as a simple Double Gem Belly Ring to add some sparkle, or a non-dangle animal print navel ring to give you more of a tribal fringed look.

Keep it simple and add some sparkle with a non-dangling belly button ring.

Keep it simple and add some sparkle with a non-dangling belly button ring.


Now that you are filled with swimsuit trend knowledge, time to GO SHOPPING! Pick up one of these trendy bikini styles and then stop by to get your matching bling!

Sexy Corset & Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer

If you’re like me, you have a lot of bling! It usually gets thrown in a drawer or a jewelry box and those little belly button rings and things get lost in the mix. It’s a total mess. So we were super excited to find these hot little jewelry organizers from Umbra including the little black dress jewelry organizer, the little black tee, and little black corset jewelry organizer. These cute jewelry organizers take a twist on the traditional hanging jewlery holders and add sexy style to your closet. The Umbra black dress jewelry organizer was the original and now you can find the umbra little black tee jewelry organizer and corset jewelry holder here at BellyBling too.

Depending on the little black dress jewelry organizer you choose, each have clear pockets that are perfect for holding belly button rings, body jewelry, and other necklaces and earrings you need to find easily. The little black dress jewelry hanger and holder has loops which are a great solution for those long necklaces or bracelets.

If you have someone that’s hard to shop for on your Christmas list this holiday season, a little black dress jewelry organizer is a perfect gift that’s not only adorable but functional too. Here’s a few more specs about the little black dress jewelry organizers:

Check out the little black dress hanging jewelry organizer on BellyBling!

Which of the three is your favorite?