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How to Get Soft Skin: 5 Easy Tips

PWhether you are or aren’t dreaming of a white Christmas, there’s no denying that as pretty as the snow is, winter weather does a number on your skin.  If you think about it it’s sort of a whammy: each time you step outside the dry, cold air robs skin of moisture; add the increased hand washing needed to avoid cold and flu viruses and it’s a no-win situation.

The worst part: not only is dry skin irritating, it also looks bad!  Imagine going to show off your belly bling and finding it surrounded by red, cracked skin… there’s nothing cute about that!

So, rather than hide your studded skin in shame this season, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some of the pros tips and tricks to keep you moisturized until March 20th (the first day of Spring).

1. Moisturize while your skin is, well, moist! No, this doesn’t mean beating your dryness to the punch, we’re talking about after you get out of the shower. Within five minutes of getting out of the shower lightly dry your skin off and apply lotion. This helps lock it in. PS – For the best effect don’t use lotion, try petroleum jelly.

2. Buy a humidifier – and actually use it! Most of us have one laying uselessly around the garage somewhere, so this idea should be easy to follow-through with. However, if you don’t already own one you can easily buy one for under $50. Having a humidifier around your home requires very little effort on your part (just add water occasionally) and provides a consistent moist environment.

3. Drink lots of water. Some of the best solutions are so simple, and this suggestion shouldn’t be news to anyone. Water is good for you, both inside and out. By drinking plenty of water it helps put some moisture back into your skin.

4. Check for certain ingredients in your lotion. Glycerin has a tendency to bring your body’s moisture towards the area of skin where it’s applied, and ceramides act to lock lotion in while soothing any irritation.

5. Watch what you’re wearing. You would be surprised how your clothes can harm your skin. Natural fibers are easier on dry skin than synthetic fibers (which tend to amplify your itch).

Those are our suggestions, now you tell us:  What are your tips for getting baby soft skin?




Style Report: Our Favorite Fall Nail Trends

Red_nail_polish_in_applicationFashion comes in many forms, and this season you’re taking the phrase “nail art” to a whole new level. Nail polish is no longer just about which color you choose, nail trends are now also about texture, shading and layers.

So while you’re starting to think about putting a coat on as you walk out the door, consider some of these fall-inspired nail coats to give your look a little something extra!


For starters, let’s talk colors. Oxblood red is in this season, and if the name oxbloodsounds scary it’s because the color is to die for. Really, how often do you find a shade that’s sexy, sophisticated, and perfect for Halloween? It’s the perfect mix of deep red, darkened with just a hint of purple.

Next up, try taupe! This neutral shade goes well with the colors of fall. From leaves to boots, it blends in to bring out the rest of your outfit. It’s also a great choice if your nails are shorter as it creates a clean, crisp finish. San Tan-tonio from OPI is one of our favs.



d4afaab23309e9f0b27eee4af0266ae0Not looking to be subtle? Want to make your nails a showstopper? Try outlining them in a contrasting color. A darker color like black, dark brown or gray will pack the most punch. A quick search of the term “Border Nails” on Pinterest will offer up a ton of ideas, like this one we found from The Daily Varnish.





Another way to add a little extra flare to your normal shade is by taking advantage of the ombre effect. ombreThat’s right, now nails have found a way to incorporate a style we already love. Choose from multiple colors or just blend black into your shade of choice. This one is fully customizable. Not a nail guru? Don’t worry. There are tons of how-to YouTube videos out there.



Now that we’ve covered colors and shades, let’s touch on texture (pun essie1intended). Lots of lines- from Sally Hansel to Kate Spade have introduced lines of 3D nail accents ranging from metallic studs to gem sparkles. These bad boys are an easy to apply option that will instantly jazz up any look. One of our favorite lines is from Essie, shown here. Our testers report they’re easy to apply and last for days.




If you’re looking to cut back on costs this season, take advantage of the old lacelace you have lying around. Black or white lace, it doesn’t matter. Apply lace on top of your normal nail polish to drastically doll it up. This works on any shade from Pretty in Pink to Sea Foam Green. Once again, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to go around.


Now that you know a few or our favorite fall nail trends, let us know what yours are!


Style to Go: Six Must-Have Beauty & Fashion Apps

People use their phones for everything these days: sending an email, checking Facebook, playing games, mapping out road trips, creating budgets, finding the closest pizza place. We decided that beauty and fashion tips shouldn’t miss out on all the fun, so we’ve rounded up some of our favs here:


poseThink of it as Instagram for clothes. Pose invites you to take photos of what you’re wearing, and tag the brands. Then, when you’re all done, share the photo so Pose users can give you feedback on your style.




color geniusSome days you want your nail polish to match your outfit. Other days you wonder what makeup would best bring out the blue shades in your scarf. That’s where L’Oreal Paris Color Genius comes in! Take a photo of what you’re wearing, and select a color in the photo. Decide if you want to match or rebel, and the app does the rest, spitting out suggestions!


coppertoneEverybody has done it! You go out for a fun day on the beach, underestimate how long you’ve been in the sun, and get a little too much color. Nothing ruins a good outfit like tomato red skin. Coppertone MyUV Alert helps you avoid the next day sun-soaked regrets. All you have to do is type in your location and tell the app your skin type. Then it lets you know when it’s time to apply sunscreen based on the UV index, temperature, and all that good stuff. You can even set it up to sound an alarm.



haircasterHere is another fashion faux-pas that we know entirely too well. You spend an hour or so on your hair only to step outside and have it fall flat or frizz out. Well not anymore! Type in your zip code and hair type (fine/full, wavy/straight), and Haircaster will give you a head’s up in regards to what the weather will do with your hair. Need I say more?




spaLifebooker is an awesome app that helps you figure out what spas and salons to avoid with customer reviews. Once you’ve found a winner, schedule an appointment through the app! But wait, one more thing. This app also gives you some great deals so be sure to check out the “Buy Loot Deals” tab before you go in.



beautylish“B” stands for Beautylish, and while it may not be a real word it is a really popular app! Consider it the Pinterest of the makeup world. Browse through millions of makeup and hair style photos until you find your favorite. Don’t worry about not knowing the right brand of mascara to buy- read the uploader’s personal how-to and purchase the recommended products on the spot! Tips, tricks and no checkout line? Does it get any better?


Hayden’s Hair: Bold Bangs

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

At just 24 years old Hayden Panettiere has done a little bit of everything; prime-time television shows, animated movies, soap opera special appearances, and even video game voice-overs. This wide variety is fairly common for any starting starlet, trying to get a feel for what they’re good at, who their audience is, and what they like to do.

Now, after having spent nearly three-fourths of her life in front the cameras (debuting in 1994 on the soap opera One Life to Live), we like to think that Hayden has finally found her niche on the ABC hit series, Nashville.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

On Nashville Hayden plays Juliette Barnes, a spunky country singer with a great sense of style. Both on camera and off, Barnes (and Hayden) know how to rock their outfit and wear their hair.

In fact, unlike her many different roles, Hayden’s hair hasn’t changed too much over the years. The actress normally sports medium to long length hair, more often than not it’s wavy, and her bangs are grown out… that was until last Wednesday.

Making a guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Hayden shocked her fans by showing off a new hairdo that included blunt bangs and straight hair.

Photos Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Even though Letterman didn’t mention her new haircut in the interview (did he even notice?), the media sure did. Gaining more exposure than the premiere of Season 2 of Nashville, bloggers and paparazzi alike have spent the past several days buzzing about the bangs.

But will we be seeing any more celebrities chopping off their long locks for clean-cut bangs? We think so. Geometric haircuts are on the rise this fall, meaning it’s just a matter of time before more Hollywood hotties follow suit. Props to Hayden for leading the way!

So tell us, what do you think of Hayden’s transformation from bangless beauty to a sharp cut star?

Self-Tanning Tips and Tricks to Look like a Golden Goddess

WLet’s face it; there is nothing attractive about showing off your belly bling while you have pale skin. However, not all of us have the time- or the desire- to lie out and soak up the summer sun. So what do you do when there is an impromptu pool party?

This self-tanning checklist is guaranteed to give you that sun-kissed glow without making you look like an oompa-loompa (sorry Charlie).

1.    If you’ve never used self-tanner before, buy the lotion kind. It can be a challenge to apply spray-on self-tanner evenly, and you don’t want to miss a spot! Either purchase lotion or foaming self-tanner.

 2.    Exfoliate the night before, then moisturize. This one should be obvious. You want to get all of the dead skin off before you use self-tanner. At the same time, dry skin can cause streaking. Note: Be sure to leave a couple hours between the time you put lotion on and the time you put on the self-tanner! 

3.    Prepare your hair (this is especially true if you’re a blonde). It is possible to stain your hair with self-tanners. Before you get started put conditioner or Vaseline along your hairline. This way you can rub out the tan line worry free.

4.    Wear gloves. Throughout the application process, your hands will absorb more color than the rest of your body. Cover them while you do your arms, legs, face, etc. Then take off the gloves, and put self-tanner on the back of your hands.

5.    Be aware of ‘tricky’ body parts. Your elbows and knees will look darker. To accommodate, use the lotion sparingly on these areas. Another tip: mix a little regular lotion with the tanning lotion which will dilute the color slightly and keep those areas from looking darker than the rest of your arms and legs. Also, don’t forget about your ears! White ears are a guaranteed giveaway that your tan is fake.

6.    Consider blow drying when you’re done. This will help the lotion dry more quickly so you avoid staining your clothes.

All of that trouble and your self-tan still looks uneven? No worries. Take a cotton ball covered in rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover, to the streaks. This will help tone things down.

Good luck!

Now it’s your turn: How do you achieve the perfect sun-less tan? What’s your favorite brand of self-tanner? 

Self Tanning Tips & Tricks

Self Tanning Tips & Tricks